Why You Should Call The Pros To Get Rid Of Mice In Denver

House mouse crawling on wood.

Rodents can be a problem in the Mile High City, namely mice. Wondering why you should call the pros to get rid of mice in Denver? There are various reasons for calling in the big guns, but they all revolve around success.  Want more information? Our qualified technicians at Beeline Pest Control are specially trained to eliminate mice from Colorado homes and businesses. 

Common Mice Found In Denver

While several types of rodents are native to Colorado, there are a few types of mice common to the city and neighboring areas surrounding Denver. If a kind of mouse is inhabiting the home, it is unlikely there will be another. 

  • Deer Mouse: This rodent is usually brown but may have darker colors dispersed throughout its coat. Feet and bellies are lighter, possibly white. Measuring as long as eight inches, the deer mouse prefers protected outside areas, but cold Denver winters can make human homes irresistible in colder seasons.
  • Grasshopper Mouse: Typical colors of this type of mouse include tan, gray, brown, and white. While some of these fellas are tiny, others reach lengths up to five inches. Grasshopper mice are vocal and howl before they catch prey; they are carnivorous.
  • House Mouse: This creature is arguably the most common type of mouse that Denver homeowners may encounter regularly. The house mouse can measure up to eight inches long from snout to tail. Colors are usually shades of gray and brown with much lighter bellies.

Dangers Of Mice  

Although they are small in size, the threats that mice pose can be sizeable. These rodents are adept at contaminating food. Salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome are all spread by mice. Waste from these little mammals can create allergic reactions and aggravate symptoms for asthmatics. Other pests can piggyback on mice: ticks, fleas, mites, and lice. Homes and businesses may encounter expensive repairs to insulation in walls, subflooring, and attic spaces from mice.

Signs There Could Be A Mouse Infestation.

Mice can bring an onslaught of headaches, so know what to look for when determining if these pests have invaded:

  • Damage: If there are teeth marks left on food packages, that could indicate trouble.  
  • Odors: The stench of a mouse’s urine is pungent, so the smell can be overwhelming when there is an infestation.
  • Mice: Dead or alive, baby or adult- if homeowners see a mouse, chances are there could be many more lurking in the shadows.
  • Nests: A sure sign of sharing a space with mice is seeing burrows where these critters nest. Insulation, upholstered furniture, and household clutter are a mouse’s top picks.
  • Waste: While gross, dark mouse droppings have a distinct look and indicate trouble.

Handling Mice Infestations

As mice present a host of problems for the Denver homeowner, it’s easy to see why do-it-yourself (DIY) methods have become popular. While it may seem like a relatively easy task to take care of a mouse situation, in reality, this can be quite an undertaking that rarely yields the desired outcome.

Without training, residents may put their households in danger of harmful rodenticides and toxic poisons. Mice infestations are tricky to eradicate, so skill comes into play. Want to know why you should call the pros to get rid of mice in Denver? Proven results! 

Sound Mice Management

Forget wasting money on traps, baits, and poison that may kill a few mice but will not even dent the infestation. Now everyone knows why you should call the pros to get rid of mice in Denver. Take the safest, most effective route that gets rid of mice by contacting our pest professionals at Beeline Pest Control.

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