Is Professional Pest Control A Necessity For Denver Homes?

House mouse hiding under a home.

Denver, Colorado, has a large and exciting downtown section within its city limits. While the size of the city might seem daunting, it is relatively easy to get around using foot power. A short walk (all within a mile radius) will lead you to stadiums, art and history museums, hotels, theme and water parks, restaurants, and even an aquarium. With so many amenities, people flock to Denver to buy homes and settle down. Local mice also love the houses in the area, and without pest control in Denver, these crafty critters might invite themselves into your home for a lengthy stay.

Signs Of Mice In Your Denver Home

Different types of mice invade homes across the United States, but the house mouse is the most common home visitor. Cool breezes and nippy weather conditions often have mice looking for warm, cozy shelters that provide healthy food and water supplies. Once mice access area homes, they rarely want to leave a good thing, resulting in some unpleasant conditions within homes.

Six signs that live mice may be camping out in your home include:

  1. Discovering gnaw marks on drywall and woodwork.
  2. Finding shredded insulation (burrows) and frayed electrical wires.
  3. Finding damaged boxes/containers.
  4. Finding runways (with tracks) or oily rub marks along baseboards/walls.
  5. Finding black, rod-shaped mice feces.
  6. Noticing a “musky” smell permeating your house.

House mice have no respect for Denver homes; they will tear and gnaw through any impediments to obtain comfort and survival. Not only are mice destructive, but they can also affect people’s health.

House Mouse Health Problems

House mice in Denver might look small and harmless, but the reality is that they can bring contamination, disease, and sickness to homes. House mice pose a two-fold problem to humans: they can affect you directly and indirectly. Mice directly affect people through the air; breathing in dust from mice droppings or a simple micro-drop of their urine can cause breathing problems, especially for those with allergies and asthma. Stored foods can be contaminated, which can lead to people contracting salmonella. While rare, people can contract rat-bite fever if they eat foods contaminated by mice feces or come in contact with a dead mouse. Mice also indirectly affect people by bringing other pests into your home, like mites, fleas, ticks, and lice. When homeowners start noticing a mouse infestation, they must call in a pest removal specialist. When you call in the professionals at Beeline Pest Control, we will safely eliminate mice and restore your home to its healthy and safe condition.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Denver Home

Homeowners should never handle a mouse problem independently since even the dust from their droppings can affect people. Beeline Pest Control has safely and effectively resolved area pest problems in Denver homes since its establishment in 2009. Our friendly technicians are experts in locating mice hide-outs and carefully removing them. We take all of your pest concerns seriously and will offer affordable options that meet your individual needs. Contact Beeline Pest Control today to receive a free inspection and get started on our effective rodent control services in Denver.

Natural Mouse Prevention Tips

Homeowners can actively participate in mouse prevention with some simple fixes outside and inside area homes. A simple tip for preventing mice involves removing items in the yard that encourage them to burrow, like leaf litter and firewood. Removing clutter inside discourages mice from building nests. Also, mice need a good water source, so drainage issues or leaks need to be fixed immediately. Another tip pertains to foundations. Mice use cracks, crevices, holes, or gaps to access homes; silicone-based caulking material and steel wool can help seal these areas. Instituting prevention measures is smart, but mice are crafty when they want something. Ultimately, contacting Beeline Pest Control for reliable and effective removal services is the best way to prevent mice in your house.

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