All The Ways Bed Bugs Get Into Omaha Homes

a bed bug surrounded by larvae

A bed bug infestation can mess up everything for you and everyone living in your Omaha home. Between the bites, the mental strain, and the difficulty in solving the problem, it's no surprise they rank in the top tier for least wanted pests in the area.

Despite popular opinion, bed bugs don't need a dirty environment to thrive. In fact, they are just as likely to be in the cleanest hotel as they are to be in a dingy apartment. For this reason, it's crucial to understand the hotspots for bed bugs and how they make their way so you can stop them in their tracks.

Mapping Out The Terrain

The simple truth is that bed bugs need your blood to keep on living. With that in mind, they're going to stick to an area full of people. That's why it pays to be wary of typical hotspots like:

  • Public Transportation: Hundreds, if not thousands, of people, use some form of public transportation every single day. That's a lot of people, which means bed bugs just need a pant leg or a bus seat to cling to and they can get anywhere in the country.
  • Laundromats: With their ability to hang onto clothing, it's not a surprise that public laundromats can be a potential hotspot for infestation. We recommend using due care and high heat to keep as protected as possible.
  • Secondhand Belongings: Nowadays, it's popular to search for secondhand furniture in search of a good deal. It's also an easy way to pick up a bed bug infestation. Carefully inspect the furniture before it gets anywhere near your property.

Blocking Them From Getting Inside

Now that you realize they can be anywhere, it's time to look at some bed bug prevention tips. If you stick to the following you'll be ahead of the game:

  • Keep Your Baggage Elevated: Bed bugs are tiny and don't jump, climb, and crawl as much as other pests do. Instead, they prefer ground level items. To combat this, simply keep your bags, suitcases, and other items off the ground at all times.
  • Inspect Belongings: We mean all of your belongings like coats, purses, pants, and anything else bed bugs can hide within. They like creases and dark spots so check under the cushions and even appliances if necessary.
  • Inspect The Room: When traveling, be sure to inspect your room before getting comfortable. Just because it's a five-star hotel, that doesn't mean you're automatically safe. Doing this step will ensure the bed bugs don't get into your luggage when you go home.

Eliminate The Bed Bugs With Beeline Pest Control

Cases in Omaha are on the rise for bed bug infestations, which is why it's more important than ever to get to and stay ahead of the problem. That's where our team at Beeline Pest Control comes in. Our bed bug control experts will work with you to identify if you have an active infestation and the severity of the infestation.
Once confirmed, our team gets to work on eliminating the bed bugs so you can get back to enjoying the safety and comfort of your home. The earlier the detection the better your chance of ensuring the problem goes away permanently.
At Beeline Pest Control, our team performs whole house treatments to ensure we fully eliminate your bed bug infestation. While they are usually found in the bedroom, bed bugs can access other rooms, which is why we recommend and perform a full home treatment for the most effective bed bug control method.
Do you suspect a bedbug infestation in your Omaha home? Call the team at Beeline Pest Control to inquire about your bed bug control options. Get the peace of mind you deserve today with guaranteed results.

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