Why Do I Have Ants In My Omaha Home?

Bunch of ants swarming a tiny ball of sugar.

The question is, “Why?... Why do ants continually invade my home? Why can’t I get rid of them?" Great questions! We want to help you answer them. You might also be wondering, “What am I doing wrong?” In most cases, nothing. Ants will be ants just like people will be people. It just so happens that ants eat a lot of the same foods that we do. They are omnivores with a crazy sweet tooth. So while a fried chicken dinner with chocolate cake for dessert is appealing to humans, it’s delicious to ants also. They come for the never-ending buffet that you inadvertently provide them. As to why you can’t seem to rid yourself of them, well that’s a bit more complicated and where we come in. Let’s start by identifying which ant variety you are dealing with.

Ants Common To Omaha

Here in Omaha, we have three common ant species:

  1. Pharaoh ant: They are yellowish in color and 1/32 of an inch. Pharoah ants are very tiny and mostly nest indoors, preferring cardboard boxes and inside walls.
  2. Odorous ant: They are blackish-brown and 1/16 to ⅛ of an inch. Odorous ants earned their name by producing a licorice-like odor when crushed.
  3. Pavement ant: They are dark brown or blackish in color and 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch. The nest in the sidewalk cracks and under cement slabs.

When encountering any pest, knowing exactly what you’re dealing with is a good place to start. Most of these ants are just a nuisance, but they are never a welcome sight in your home.

What Attracts Ants Into My Omaha Home

Like we said earlier, ants love people's food. They will come into your homes, garages, and cars in search of a tasty meal. The garbage cans and backyard picnic areas and fruit trees will not be forgotten either. Once the ants lay down a pheromone to their favorite buffet area, they will continue to frequent it until the food source is exhausted. Food, however, isn’t the only attraction for the ants. Water and warmth are other factors that will draw them in. So how do you keep them out?

  • Identify ant trails leading to the home
  • Check slabs
  • Check utility line entry points
  • Repair windows with damaged screens
  • Seal small holes and cracks that would allow ants entry into your home

Tips To Keep Them Away From Your Omaha Home

Given their tiny size, ants can prove difficult to prevent. We often do not think of ‘ant prevention’ until we already have them. So which came first? The ant or the cookie crumbs? More than likely it was the cookie crumb, but because the ant is a super sleuth at detecting sugars, you can bet he will pay you a visit. They can smell the substances they are attracted to with little bristles that are all over their bodies. The best practices to keep them away are…

  • Put food in airtight containers
  • Take out the trash frequently
  • Keep outdoor garbage cans away from the house if possible
  • Insulate pipes
  • Keep pet food sealed
  • Keep outdoor pet food away from the house

The Best Way To Deal With An Ant Infestation In Your Omaha Home

Without question, the best way to handle an ant infestation is to call the Pros. Beeline Pest Control is a locally owned and community-minded company. They understand Nebraskan pests and how to manage them, in both the home and commercial environments. Our initial consult and estimate are on the house and our appointment times are flexible to meet your needs. We also offer same-day emergency services whenever possible. Reach out to us today to learn more about our recurring pest control options!

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