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Ants are one of the most fascinating insect species. The tiny bugs form large, closely-knit colonies, with distinct roles for each member. The organization is so efficient that ants are regularly identified as superorganisms. Their industrious nature and excellent coordination spell danger for your home if they decide to invade. Ant pest control in Omaha can help keep the nuisance insects away from your property. 

Characteristics Of Common Ants

Entomologists estimate there are over 22,000 ant species, though only approximately 12,500 have been classified to date. In the U.S., the species identified are 792. Here are common features you can use to identify common ants in your home:

  • Body segmented into three parts; head, thorax, and abdomen 
  • Narrow constriction between the abdomen and thorax, creating the petiole
  • Six legs
  • Two large compound eyes
  • Elbowed-antennae with sensory receptors
  • Body color varies by the species, with black, red, brown, and yellow being popular

Correct identification of the species is critical to effective ant control. You can hire an Omaha pest control company to inspect and determine the types of ants invading your home. 

An Ant Infestation Can Cause Many Problems In Your Home

Most ants are just a nuisance within the home. Some species can pose significant health and safety risks to you and your family. An example is the carpenter ants that carve out tunnels in moist wood to create galleries for their colony. The wood damage can weaken the structural stability of your home. Carpenter ant control in Omaha can eliminate them before they destroy your house. 
Ants love sugary and fatty foods. Their foraging activities in your pantry can lead to food contamination. Eating through packaging exposes your stored food to bacteria and moisture, which can support microbe growth. Ant pest control can keep the bugs from contamination your food.
You also need to be wary of painful stings and bites. Some species, like fire ants and bullet ants, are known to be aggressive, biting multiple times and injecting venom. The bites cause serious reactions in people allergic to insect bites. Fire ant control can protect your children and pets from feisty biters. 

Five Easy And Effective Tips To Prevent Ants In Your Home

You need proactive ant control solutions to keep the nuisance bugs out of your home. Here are five easy tips to get rid of ants in Omaha:

1. Clean Up After Eating: Ants are attracted to food crumbs. Wiping your surfaces and cleaning your dishes can eliminate food scraps that attract ants to your home.
2. Use Access Baits: Use bait traps to eliminate entire colonies. Worker ants bring back the poisoned food to the nest. It’s consumed by all members, thus killing them.
3. Seal Points of Entry: Use caulk or spray foam to fill gaps and holes in your walls and floors that the ants use to access your home.
4. Create Ant Barriers: Insecticides or organic ant control for your home can form boundaries along your property lines that discourage the insects from coming in. Boric acid, diatomaceous earth, or vinegar are excellent ant deterrents. 
5. Hire Professionals: If the infestations are getting out of hand, consider hiring professional ant control services. Pest experts can identify the specific ant species and locate where they are coming from. 

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Home For Good

Your best bet at eliminating the nuisance ants in Omaha is pest control services. Beeline Pest Control can send trained technicians to your home to carry out extensive inspections to identify the ant species and their hiding spots. 
Our experts use ant control products safe for pets and children. We’ll also advise you on ways to keep ants out in the future. Call us today to learn more about our home pest control services for Omaha homeowners. 

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