The Easiest Way To Prevent Roaches In Omaha

Cockroach crawling on a window screen.

There are many bugs that want to live inside your Omaha home. One of the absolute worst bug invaders is the cockroach. If you have never dealt with these pests, you are lucky. Cockroaches quickly turn happy interior spaces into uncomfortable nightmares. The question is, what is the easiest way to prevent roaches in our area? Here are some things you should know about cockroaches in Omaha and how you can keep them out of your home, year-round. If you are currently dealing with an active infestation indoors and you need help, call our team at Beeline Pest Control. We would be happy to assess the severity of your infestation and offer some pest control solutions to get roaches out fast.

Cockroaches You Could Find Inside Your Home

Omaha is home to two different types of cockroaches: Oriental and wood cockroaches. Identify an Oriental cockroach by its black, 1” long, flat, oval-shaped body. Identify a wood cockroach by its ¾ to 1” long, chestnut brown, flat, oval-shaped body. Both of these invasive bugs invade homes to find food, moisture, and shelter. As temperatures drop in fall and winter, you will be more likely to find cockroaches indoors. If you suspect you have an active infestation right now, find out for certain with a detailed pest inspection courtesy of Beeline Pest Control. We would be happy to assess your home for pest pressures. 

Cockroaches Could Make You Sick

One big problem that comes with a cockroach infestation is the risk of getting sick. Different kinds of cockroaches spread similar illnesses to humans. Some common diseases cockroaches carry include salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, plague, and listeriosis. You might get sick from ingesting food that was contaminated by cockroaches or by interacting with this pest’s fecal droppings. If you have asthma or other respiratory problems, cockroaches might threaten you in another way. A roach’s fecal droppings and shed skins break down into dust-like particulates. These particulates float through the air and trigger breathing problems in certain individuals. To better understand your risk, consult your doctor and take precautions to keep these pests out of your home.

Cockroaches Could Be Very Hard To Get Rid Of

Roaches are not just dangerous, they are also difficult to eliminate. Some pest control professionals consider these bugs the “perfect” pest. When faced with danger, roaches hide in the recesses of homes. They will stay hidden until they feel it is safe to come back out. If this didn’t make things hard enough, roaches are also resistant to many conventional pest control products. Unless you know what products work and how to apply them properly inside your home, you will have a hard time addressing these invasive bugs. Plus, using chemical-based pest control products without the proper experience could put you, your family, and your pets at risk. To save yourself some time, money, and stress, hire a professional to deal with your home’s roach problems. 

Effective & Safe Cockroach Control For Omaha Homes

If you are noticing signs of cockroaches inside your Omaha home and want these pests out fast, we offer solutions here at Beeline Pest Control. Our team would be happy to pay you a visit, perform a detailed inspection, and work up a comprehensive plan to remove and keep invasive roaches out. We also offer detailed general home pest control plans that are built to keep a wide range of area pests, including cockroaches, out of homes, year-round.

Call today if you want to learn more. One of our qualified pest control representatives will walk you through our options and help you find an Omaha pest control option that meets your needs.

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