Say Goodbye to Rats: Your Ultimate Guide to Expert Infestation Removal in Omaha

Rat up in the rafters.

When it comes to business, most people know all too well about the corporate rat race. However, no one ever expects that situation to become a problem with actual rodents at their residence. But with all of the gourmet delights that your environment offers, such as improperly discarded food, it's no wonder that these creatures make regular visits to your place. Once they've made themselves at home, they’ll find the most hard-to-reach spaces to make their own. Their unwillingness to leave makes it essential to enlist the services of professionals with rat control in Omaha.

At Beeline Pest Control, we deliver the most effective solutions to get rid of different types of rats on your property, restoring worry-free surroundings. Continue reading to learn more about these intrusive critters and why you should partner with qualified specialists to make their presence a thing of the past.

Do I Have A Rat Infestation?

If you think you may have a rat problem but aren’t 100% certain, there are a number of indicators that’ll help confirm your suspicions. Be on the lookout for small, pellet-like droppings commonly found near food sources or in corners. Bite or gnaw marks on furniture, food packaging, cardboard boxes, or even electrical wiring can also provide a warning that rats are around.

Also, don't quickly pass off those faint nightly noises behind walls as just a figment of your imagination. Their scratching and scurrying noises are often heard after dark, emanating from hidden areas. Have you visited your crawl space or attic lately? Rats prefer quiet and undisturbed locations to build their nests. As their population grows, the smell of their urine will become more pronounced. So, if you notice a strong, ammonia-like odor, rats could be living among you.

If you've observed any of these signs or have encountered a live or dead rat, give your local pest management company a call right away to schedule a comprehensive property evaluation.

Rats In Your Home Is A Serious Health Hazard

No one would argue that rats are unpleasant creatures to have in or around your property, but their presence isn't only a mere inconvenience or nuisance. These rodents can carry some harmful diseases that people can catch directly through bites, bodily fluids, and waste or indirectly through the airborne particulates that rat excrement produces. Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCM), leptospirosis, and hantavirus are just a few of the many illnesses transmitted from rats to humans.

Rats’ incessant need to chew on items to file down their ever-growing incisors could mean trouble if they gnaw on your electrical wiring, potentially sparking a fire or chew through your pipework, leading to flooding. 

It's vital to address a rat invasion as soon as you become aware of it. Give our team at Beeline Pest Control a call for professional rat control services to eliminate these potentially dangerous creatures completely.

Effective Tips To Prevent Rats On Your Property

Rat prevention isn’t rocket science. In fact, by implementing simple measures into your household routine, you'll automatically see a reduction in rat sightings. Try the practical tips below to discourage these rodents from coming around your property:

  • Store your food promptly and securely.
  • Patch small holes, cracks, and gaps in your walls.
  • Prune overgrown vegetation on your property.
  • Dispose of waste in tightly secured receptacles.
  • Clean, sanitize, and declutter your surroundings consistently.

Adopting these easy-to-implement measures will create a more inhospitable environment for rats to thrive. Consult with a qualified pest service in your area for more information.

Experienced Professional Rat Control: Call For Expert Help

For fast and efficient rat removal in Omaha, count on the experienced team from Beeline Pest Control. We have a proven track record of providing effective and reliable pest management solutions to rid your residence of these harmful, furry intruders. Call us today to receive your free quote.

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