Six Simple Yet Effective Fly-Prevention Tips For Denver, CO Homes

House fly on a dirty kitchen floor.

Flies are not the most dangerous pests in Denver, nor are they the most problematic.  They are annoying, and these pests have mastered the art of invading living areas and are quick to bother homeowners. What makes things infinitely worse is the way fly infestations feel endless. If you are at your wit’s end with flies and are looking for ways to get and keep these pests out of your Denver home, here are six simple yet effective prevention tips to use.

Tip One: Keep Your Living Areas Clean

Flies will eat just about anything, including crumbs, rotting meat, and fecal matter. In order to limit this pest’s access to food inside your home, do your best to keep things clean. This process should include vacuuming rugs, sweeping floors, and wiping down surfaces regularly. In addition to this, clean up food messes and drink spills as they occur. Finally, consider limiting where you eat food inside your home to just one or two rooms.

Tip Two: Store Food Properly

One way flies find food is by nibbling on leftovers and snacks/produce left on countertops. To keep these goodies away from hungry flies, store them inside airtight containers. After every meal, package up leftovers. After opening a new box of cereal pour it into a large, sealable container. For fruits and vegetables not stored in the refrigerator, consider covering them with a glass lid.

Tip Three: Keep Your Trash Covered

This tip is fairly simple. If your trash cans do not have tight-fitting, insect-proof lids, invest in ones that do. Another thing that helps to deter flies is cleaning out your trash can regularly to remove any build-up and using a liner to keep it as clean as possible between uses.

Tip Four: Address Sources Of Moisture Build Up

Flies need moisture to survive. Your living areas provide them with moisture in several ways. To address this, start by making sure all of your pipes and fixtures are running properly and not leaking. Follow this up by eliminating any sources of water build-up both in and around your home. Finally, consider using a dehumidifier around particularly humid areas inside your home.

Tip Five: Seal Your Home’s Exterior

One of the best ways you can encourage flies to stay outside is to make sure your home’s exterior is properly sealed. To do this, you will need a caulking gun and some money to spend at your local hardware store. Once you have these things, here is what you need to do.

  1. Identify holes, gaps, and cracks in your home’s exterior foundation and spaces around window/door frames. Seal off these entry points using a caulking gun.
  2. Check your window/door screens. If they are damaged, try to fix them on your own, or replace them entirely.
  3. Make sure your door sweeps are installed properly and in good condition.
  4. Install weatherstripping where it is needed and address damage to strips that are already applied around your home.
  5. Close unscreened doors and windows when they are not in use.

Tip Six: Hire A Professional

This tip is exclusive to all the other tips we mentioned because it is a fix-all solution. If you need a quick, easy, and affordable answer to your home’s pest problems, consider getting the experts at Beeline Pest Control involved. Our team offers detailed home pest control services to eliminate pests like flies and has a wide range of treatments available to handle other pests that invade homes in our area.

Call us today to explore your options and find a general pest control plan that best fits your Denver home’s needs.

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