How To Keep Wildlife Off Of Your Omaha Property

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Wild animals can be beautiful, and their existence makes the world a better and more exciting place. However, while we can all appreciate wildlife in the proper context, wild animals around your property can cause problems. There are many wildlife species in the area, from the majestic varieties like deer to the mundane like squirrels. Many of these species can pose health risks or cause other concerns. It's a good idea to protect your property through Omaha pest control services, and this guide is here with the information you need. 

Types Of Problematic Wildlife In Omaha

There are many different wildlife species in the area, and some of them are more common than others. Some of the most frequent are raccoons, squirrels, pigeons, and bats, but others like possums and snakes can also invade occasionally. Here is a brief guide to each of these species:

  • Their mask-like markings and gray fur can differentiate raccoons.
  • Squirrels are rodents that have bushy tails and small front arms. They are usually gray or reddish in color.
  • Pigeons are primarily gray but have iridescent feathers around their necks.
  • Bats are generally a brownish color, and they will nest under eaves or get into attics and homes if they find openings.
  • Possums are marsupials that have gray fur and white faces. They also have a long, hairless tail.
  • Snakes come in a variety of colors and markings. Most aren’t venomous to humans, but certain species can risk.

The Dangers Wildlife Bring To Omaha Properties

There are many risks that wildlife species can bring to your property. Some species can cause damage to the yard or the structure of your home. Squirrels are common culprits as they can chew through things like wire and plaster. Birds and bats can also cause damage from the build-up of their droppings. 

Then, there are the health risks that many of these species bring with them. Bats and raccoons can carry rabies, while squirrels can transmit tularemia. Pigeons can also carry diseases, and their droppings can spread histoplasmosis.

The Key To Effective Wildlife Control In Omaha

Along with the health risks and property damage, wildlife can also be challenging to remove from a property. They are difficult to catch, so the best way to remove them is with wildlife control from Beeline Pest Control. Our residential pest control plans are available to prevent and eliminate common wild animals in the area. We focus on prevention and offer exclusion services to keep these pests from getting into your home and wreaking havoc.

Practical Wildlife Prevention Tips For Omaha Properties

Along with contacting the pest control professionals at Beeline Pest Control, you can also help deter wildlife from your property by removing factors that attract them. Here are some of the best tips to follow:

  • Get lids for trash cans so that animals can’t get inside.
  • Remove bird feeders and store any pet food inside.
  • Keep your yard maintained. This includes mowing the lawn and trimming vegetation regularly.
  • Remove standing water from the property and keep hot tubs and pools covered.
  • Repair holes in the walls and foundation to keep animals from getting inside.

Discover more about effective wildlife control by calling the team at Beeline Pest Control today.

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