The Easiest Way To Keep Nuisance Wildlife Away From Your Council Bluffs Property

Squirrel on a porch.

Council Bluffs is a vibrant town with different things to do, whether it is walking the historic district or hiking the outdoor trails. Nonetheless, as with many cities rich in history and nature, there are pests and wildlife risks to be aware of. If wildlife gets onto your property, you could soon be dealing with a myriad of problems, including a subsequent pest infestation. Remove wildlife humanely and effectively and protect your family, pets, and yourself. If you are searching for effective pest control in Council Bluffs to remove wildlife from your property, Beeline Pest Control is your local solution. 

Common Types Of Wildlife That Invade Council Bluffs Properties

While there are many things to do outdoors in Council Bluffs, this also means that there are many nuisance pests. These animals invade Council Bluffs lawns and homes, seeking food, warmth, and shelter. If you need local wildlife removal, Beeline Pest Control can help.

The types of wildlife animals below are among the most common in Council Bluffs:

  • Bats: Having a roost of bats in your attic or driveway can cause problems like the spread of harmful parasites and diseases.
  • Raccoons: Known to dig up gardens and tear trash bags open, raccoons also den under porches or in sheds. In severe weather, they may try to den inside garages, attics, or chimneys.
  • Skunks: They can damage gardens, yards, and lawns while searching for insects. They can also cause odor problems and spread diseases to people or pets.
  • Squirrels: These rodents may dig holes in your lawns or even nest in your attic. They are known to rip up insulation, soil ceilings, and carry fleas and ticks that can transmit diseases.

The nuisance wildlife above can also transmit diseases to you, your family, or pets. If you have seen any wildlife around your property, we recommend you seek professional wildlife removal services.

The Dangers Nuisance Wildlife Brings

In a way, no wildlife infestation is only truly a "nuisance." Wildlife animals are not used to humans, and they will attack if they feel threatened, which means that they can bite, claw, or scratch you and your pets.

Another danger is that wildlife can often transmit different diseases in addition to physical harm. For example, bats and raccoons can transmit the rabies virus. Additionally, the wildlife animals' urine and feces can also pose a health risk to your home and family. They can make you sick and contribute to unsanitary conditions in your house.

Because wildlife animals have ticks and fleas, they can also bring about more problems into your home, like a flea infestation. This leads to its own set of problems and more risks to those you love. If you have seen signs of wildlife animals on your Council Bluffs property, we suggest you contact wildlife and pest control professionals immediately.

Natural Ways To Deter Wildlife From Your Yard

With Council Bluffs' rich outdoors, it might be difficult to keep wildlife away. Nonetheless, there are steps you can take to make your homes less attractive to wildlife animals.

Below are some natural ways that you can deter wildlife from your yard:

  • Cap chimneys and get them inspected at least once a year.
  • Do not leave pet food or water bowls outside (including bird feeders).
  • Install gutter guards.
  • Ensure that you keep trash cans covered with tight-fitting lids.
  • Keep your lawn and shrubbery trimmed.
  • Seal any entry points into your house.

In addition to the tips above, we recommend scheduling a professional wildlife pest control inspection with Beeline Pest Control to ensure that your Council Bluffs home is protected against invasive wildlife.

The Most Effective Wildlife Control For Your Property

Professional wildlife control services can help you keep a home free of uninvited visitors like wild animals and pests. At Beeline Pest Control, we will ensure that your home is protected. We'll begin with an inspection of the property for factors that attract wildlife as well as entry points. We'll treat the areas accordingly and humanely remove any wildlife animals on the property. If you need help with wildlife, schedule an inspection today with Beeline Pest Control and learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Council Bluffs.

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