How To Keep The Colorado Springs Bed Bugs At Bay?

Bed bug crawling on someone's skin.

Bed bugs are small insects that consume the blood of humans and animals. Bed bugs most commonly emerge at night and feed on humans that are asleep. Unlike fleas, mosquitoes, and other pests that target humans, bed bugs are unlikely to spread disease.

Are you wondering how can I get rid of bed bugs fast? Bed bugs are largely nocturnal creatures that tend to hide during the day. They have proven challenging to eliminate, and seeking assistance from a trained pest exterminator from a Colorado Springs pest control company is recommended.

Bed bugs reproduce rapidly and can transition from minor intrusions to full-blown infestations. In many cases, do-it-yourself product options prove insufficient to completely eradicate these pests, making professionally performed treatment the best overall solution. 

The Lifecycle Of The Colorado Springs Bed Bug

A female bed bug may produce multiple eggs per day and can generate hundreds over its lifetime. The eggs are often clustered together in small voids or crevices and generally have a white color. The eggs hatch typically in a couple of weeks, and the offspring soon progress through a developmental stage as nymphs before reaching adulthood.

What's It Like To Live With A Bed Bug Infestation?

What do bed bugs look like? Identifying bed bugs can pose challenges because of their small size, and many individuals mistakenly assume that these creatures are some types of beetles. Bed bugs are wingless, measure only 4 to 5 millimeters in length, and have a reddish-brown external appearance.

What are the symptoms of bed bug bites? It is unlikely that a sleeping human will awaken in response to a bed bug bite; however, they may recognize that the area of bitten skin becomes red, itchy, and irritated.

Where on the body do bedbug bites occur? Bed bugs often bite humans in regions including the face, arms, and neck, particularly in areas not shielded by clothing. When bitten by a bed bug, you should avoid scratching the irritated area of the skin as the wound could open and become susceptible to infection.

Property owners need to understand how fast can bed bugs spread. People who initially delay or fail to take prompt action to treat a bed bug intrusion may soon find that a large number of bugs are now residing within the home.

Five Simple Ways To Keep The Bed Bugs Away

Below are some helpful bed bug prevention tips:

  1. When initially entering a hotel room, check the bed and surrounding area for any signs of bed bug activity.
  2. If you suspect that you or your belongings were exposed to bed bugs during a trip, promptly wash all clothing and dry using a high heat setting.
  3. Check suitcases, purses, and bags for any indications of bed bugs before reentering the home after returning from travel.
  4. Inspect any second-hand clothing, furniture, or appliances before bringing them inside.
  5. Regularly wash bedding materials and vacuum any carpeting or upholstered furniture in or near the bedrooms.

Keep in mind that the majority of bed bugs enter homes inadvertently within people's belongings. You should remain diligent in preventing an accidental bed bug intrusion. Remember, the only true way to eliminate bed bugs is with help from the experts. Reach out to the experts at Beeline Pest Control.

Permanent Bed Bug Removal

If bed bugs are causing you anxiety and sleepless nights, the experts with Beeline Pest Control know how to get rid of bed bugs in your home. Our experts understand the importance of treating hard-to-reach areas where these pests tend to hide. For the most effective results, our technicians use two methods of treatment. Our chemical treatments target all areas where bed bugs are found, including beds, mattresses, electrical plates, furniture, and appliances. This treatment offers immediate results. Non-toxic gel powder is another form of treatment. This treatment works longer to eliminate bed bugs.

Contact our office today to schedule an onsite property assessment and get started with our effective home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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