Tips And Tricks To Tackle Box Elder Bugs In Denver

Box Elder Bug infestation.

It’s that time of the year. Cold-weather clothing is coming out of the closets, preparations are being made for the holiday season, and bugs are invading homes in large numbers. One bug that you should be aware of this fall and winter is the box elder bug. This annoying house pest loves warm homes and hates the cold. If you are not prepared to stop these pests this season, here are some tips and tricks to control box elder bugs in Denver. For faster services to prevent or eliminate these pests, call our team at Beeline Pest Control. We will walk you through our basic Denver pest control options and find a plan that works best for you and your home.

Identifying Box Elder Bugs In Denver

Before we talk about box elder bug control, let’s talk about these pests. An adult box elder bug is ½” long and has a black, oval-shaped body with reddish or orange markings. This area insect can fly and likes to congregate around the exterior of buildings. You are most likely to find box elder bugs around your home’s exterior during the colder months of fall and winter. As temperatures get too cold and soaking up the sun isn’t enough to stay warm, these pests will look for ways indoors. It is here that infestations become difficult to identify. You might see one or two of these pests on occasion but the bulk will remain hidden inside your warm walls and other secluded areas indoors. The best way to identify a problem is to bring in the professionals at Beeline Pest Control. We offer fast inspections to help homeowners like you assess their risk of pest problems. 

What Do Box Elder Bugs Eat?

Box elder bugs were named because of the way they eat box elder tree seeds and newly developing leaves on box elder trees. These insects will also feed on the fruit from peach, apple, plum, and similar trees. In all honesty, box elder bugs are more of a problem for plants than they are for homeowners. It is only during the colder months of the year that they start becoming a problem indoors. If you are prepared and have a bit of help, you should have no trouble keeping these invaders out this year. 

Is There Anything That Repels Box Elder Bugs?

There are two effective ways to repel box elder bugs. The first method involves exclusion. If you have some time on your hands, there are DIY options. Here are a few methods we recommend to avoid box elder bug infestations in Denver.

  • Fill in holes, cracks, and gaps around your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Repair damage to windows/doors.
  • Replace damaged window/door screens.
  • Check the condition of weatherstripping and door sweeps.
  • Close unscreened windows and doors when you are not using them.

The second option you have to prevent these pests is to hire a professional. The experts at Beeline Pest Control offer many advanced solutions to help you deal with box elder bugs in Denver. 

Tricks To Permanently Get Rid Of Box Elder Bugs On Your Property

If you are looking for how to get rid of box elder bugs, you are in the right place. Our experts at Beeline Pest Control offer comprehensive options to control overwintering pests. We will evaluate your home and property, identify entry points, and work hard to establish long-term solutions to your pest problems.

Call now to learn more about our services and learn how easy getting rid of boxelder bugs is when you have a professional on your side.

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