How To Prepare Your Denver Home For Termite Season

Colony of termites coming out of a hole in the ground.

Active termites on your property mean trouble. Need termite removal? Beeline Pest Control is a local termite company offering termite control in Denver. When termites invade, they are much more than a nuisance. A termite problem can destroy your home and drain your wallet. These pests cause billions of dollars in damage each year just in the United States. Don’t become part of these alarming statistics!

What Are The Types Of Termites In Denver?

Colorado may not be the first state that pops into mind when thinking of termites. There are two types of wood-destroying organisms in Denver: drywood termites and subterranean termites.

The subterranean variety is the most common termite and the most destructive. This termite has three castes: reproductives, also known as swarmers, soldiers, and workers. Swarmers have wings and are dark in color. Rectangular-shaped, dark heads and white bodies differentiate the soldiers. Workers do not have wings and are cream in color.

How Long Does It Take For Termites To Destroy A Home In Denver?

Determining how long it takes for termites to destroy a home depends on the size of the residence and the number of termites. It would take a long time for a single termite to cause significant property damage.

Termites live in colonies containing 60,000 members or more and can cause a lot of damage. Another issue is detection. These silent destroyers can inflict massive destruction on homes without being caught. The dwelling’s structure can be compromised when this action continues for years. Left unchecked, a sizeable colony of active termites may devour roughly a pound of wood every single day. Imagine what these same insects can do over the course of a year.

Why Termite Control In Denver Is Necessary

Termite control may not seem like an essential expense, but your house tells a different story. A few reasons for taking this precaution include:

  • Economics - Hiring termite technicians to eliminate potential problems may seem like another expense. Compared to the substantial damage these pests can do to a home, this tactic saves homeowners quite a bit of money. Keeping money in your pocket is a smart move.

  • Prevention - If you don’t have termites- yay! Having a termite professional give tips on preventing your home from attracting these pests is helpful too. If there is moisture in the home, you can work on drying it up to make your home less appealing to these bugs.

  • Protection - Early detection is critical when keeping your house safe from termite damage. Having an inspection and getting a termite treatment plan can safeguard your home against these pests before there is a termite problem. 

  • Security - Without professional expertise, homes left exposed are vulnerable to attacks from termites at any time. There’s no need to worry about a termite infestation. Calling in the pros can put minds at ease, knowing they will handle termite issues efficiently.

Is There a Way To Prevent Termites In Denver?

Termite prevention is not only feasible but also beneficial. Termite removal is much more involved than termite prevention. Stay ahead of these destructive pests by enlisting the help of a reputable local termite company.

Beeline Pest Control offers a comprehensive termite control plan. First, we conduct a thorough inspection of your property. Then we develop and apply a treatment. We are proud to use Termidor®, a product recognized for its ability to eliminate termites in just one visit. We train our technicians in the science of termite prevention and extermination.

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