What To Do If You've Seen Termite Swarmers Around Your Nashville Home?

Termite chewing wood.

If you see a live termite on your property, that is not a good thing. These pests spend most of their lives either underground or inside a wooden structure, eating it from the inside out. If they are flying around your yard or inside your home, it means there is an active and most likely serious problem. 

Today we will take some time to share what you need to know about termite swarmers in Nashville and offer some simple options to combat these pests. Talk with our team at Beeline Pest Control if you want our advice on what termite control is best. We will share with you what pest control in Nashville looks like and find a treatment to stop termites before they invade your property.

What Are Termite Swarmers?

The most common species of termite here in Nashville is the subterranean termite. Subterranean termites spend the majority of their existence either underground or inside wood, like a log or the boards of a home. When colonies mature, they begin looking for ways to expand to nearby areas by budding or swarming.

Budding is when workers create tunnels to new areas and start nests with reproductive members. Swarming is when colonies produce winged reproductive termites and send them out to find new places to establish colonies and breed. 

Termite swarmers look a lot like ants but have oval-shaped bodies and long, see-through, oval-shaped wings. They discard their wings after finding a place to settle down. If you see these swarmers or their shed wings around your home, it means they are looking at your wood and deciding if it is ripe for eating. If these pests are inside your house, it most likely means you are dealing with an existing infestation. 

When Is Termite Swarming Season For Nashville?

The earliest termite swarms in Nashville occur here in late winter and early spring. How early swarms arise depends on the weather. Typically, the peak of the termite season lasts from April through May. Termite swarms usually occur after rainy days when it is still humid out. 

Keeping this in mind, the best way to prevent different types of termites from settling onto your property lies with our termite treatment team at Beeline Pest Control.

Where Are Termite Swarms Most Likely To Occur?

We have talked a lot about termites and termite swarmers. What we have not discussed is what these pests look for in a property. To make this simple, here are some things that subterranean termites would be excited to find inside or around your home:

  • Piles of wet cardboard
  • Discarded newspaper
  • Sticks, leaves, or other organic clutter
  • Untreated lumber
  • Water damaged boards
  • Wet firewood
  • A fallen tree
  • A decaying stump

All of these things will provide termites with lots of food. We recommend eliminating as many of these tasty treats as possible if you want to prevent these pests.

Why Call For Professional Termite Treatment If You've Seen Swarmers

Seeing swarmers inside or around your Nashville home is not a good sign. If you suspect termites are on your property, do not hesitate to involve our team at Beeline Pest Control. Even if you do not see these pests, it is always best to have some form of termite control in place to stop these destructive insects before they even think about coming inside.

Reach out to our qualified team at Beeline Pest Control today if you have questions about our termite control solutions, or to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control service in Nashville. We will answer your questions and help you find a service time that will work for you.

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