What To Do About Rats On Your Colorado Springs Property

Brown rat drinking water from a puddle.

Encountering rats on your Colorado Springs property can be more than just frightening; it can be dangerous. Having lots of rats around your property is problematic, so it is vital to learn how to get rid of rats. 

How To Identify A Rat Infestation On Your Colorado Springs Property

You can quickly gain lots of rats on your property after a few invade thanks to the prolific nature of this pest. The most common types of rats to encounter in the area are Norway rats and roof rats; these types of rats can cause serious infestation problems. 

Below, we list signs of a rat infestation that you should be looking out for if you suspect this pest has infiltrated your property:

  • Rat droppings will be found around your property, especially in pantries, food storage areas, or near secluded places that rats like to hide in, such as attics or basements.
  • Gnaw marks may appear around your home due to the rats chewing on virtually any material. You may also find bite marks on food packaging, chewed-through wiring, and damaged furniture.
  • A musty smell may appear in your home, and you may hear rustling in the walls where rats live. You may also see nesting material such as shredded paper left around your property.

The Dangers And Damage Rats Bring To Colorado Springs Properties

Rats can bring several problems to your Colorado Springs property, including serious damage. This rodent can chew through virtually any material and damage internal wooden structures, brick, cinder blocks, or furniture. Over time, this can result in very costly repairs, especially when you consider any soiling from rat droppings.

The diseases rats carry are also another major issue to be wary of. These illnesses include hantavirus, tularemia, plague, and salmonella. You may contract these diseases rats carry via contaminated food, contact with the rat itself, or with their droppings. The more rats in your home, the higher the risk of illness.

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of Rats In Colorado Springs

If you want to know how to get rid of rats safely and effectively, your best bet is to contact Beeline Pest Control as soon as possible. The experts will identify the scale of any rat problem you are experiencing and provide you with targeted solutions that entirely eradicate your rodent problem. 

Trust the professionals at Beeline Pest Control – the best thing to kill rats is an expert hand and highly trained specialists.

Five Natural Rat Prevention Tips For Colorado Springs Properties

Assistance from Beeline Pest Control is genuinely the best thing to kill rats, but the home remedies for rats listed below can help to prevent infestations of this pest naturally:

  1. Seal up entry points around your home like the cracks in windows, doors, and the foundation. Use steel wool, which is chew-proof, and consider investing in a chimney cap.
  2. Store all leftover food properly and dispose of trash promptly in tightly sealed bags, as this stops the aroma from attracting rats.
  3. Address moisture issues around your property, and fix up leaks to stop water access from drawing in rats.
  4. Keep your yard free of debris and ensure the grass stays trimmed low to reduce rat hiding spots outdoors.
  5. Ensure your home is free of clutter and consider storing items in plastic, airtight containers, as these are slightly more chew-proof.
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