The Link Between Bed Bugs And Secondhand Furniture In Omaha

Bed bug infestation on furniture.

Nobody wants to find bed bugs in their home. One of the most common ways they get into Omaha homes is on secondhand furniture. If you need bed bug control in Omaha, call Beeline Pest Control. Our safe, effective treatment options will get rid of bed bugs in no time.

Bed Bugs: Not Just A Problem In Beds And Mattresses

There’s definitely a reason why bed bugs in Omaha often infest beds. They seek locations where they can easily find people or animals to bite. Beds are convenient for them because they’ll be able to bite people at night and not be noticed. However, bed bugs will go just about anywhere in a house, from other furniture to light switch plates. 

Bed bugs are tiny, only about ¼ of an inch long. They’re also flat so that they can fit in tight places. If a gap is wide enough to slide a credit card through, it’s wide enough to hide a bed bug. The signs of a bed bug infestation are subtle. You might find molted skins, eggs, and eggshells, which are small. The most significant sign is bed bug bites. These typically appear on the body as itchy welts that may be in small groups or lines. 

Secondhand Furniture Is A Common Entry Vehicle For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are excellent at traveling. They can hitchhike their way from one place to another, often catching a ride on luggage and furniture; when you pick up a secondhand item, whether a sofa or a sweater, you don’t know where it’s been. You don’t know if the previous owners had a bed bug infestation. You don’t know the resale store’s cleaning practices. You can’t guarantee that the item is clean of bed bugs, and you won’t know just by looking at it. Bed bugs are so tiny they hide out of sight. You must check secondhand items for signs of bed bugs before you bring them home.

Precautions To Take When Bringing In Secondhand Furniture

Bed bugs can hide in all kinds of tight places. On furniture, this might be in cushion seams or small cracks. Before you bring any secondhand item home, follow these guidelines to make sure you don’t take any bed bugs home too:

  • Be careful where you pick up secondhand items: Furniture left on the side of the road doesn’t have to follow any guidelines regarding cleanliness. It might be clean, but it also might not. Not every resale store is trustworthy, so seek out ones with good reviews and obvious health standards.
  • Thoroughly inspect the item: Look for shed skins, eggs and eggshells, dark brown fecal staining, and bed bugs. Check all the seams, corners, cracks, or other openings. 
  • Wash the item: If it’s a furniture item, you can vacuum it to remove any bugs that might be hiding. Washing and drying clothing and removable covers on high heat can kill bed bugs.
  • Know what items are less likely to be infested: Bed bugs are more likely to infest upholstered furniture. These items are also harder to see evidence on and can be more difficult to clean. It’s better to buy hard furniture secondhand since these items are less likely to have bed bugs. They still might, which is why it’s still important to check.

Bed bug infestations can be challenging to treat on your own. These pests can withstand extreme heat and cold. Bed bug treatments need to reach every single bug to be effective. That’s why the best way to get rid of bed bugs is to collaborate with a professional pest control company. 

The Secret To Total Bed Bug Control In Omaha

Why is Beeline Pest Control your best option for bed bug removal in Omaha? We put our customers first with every service visit and treatment process. With bed bugs, we always start with a complete home inspection, looking everywhere for bed bugs. We provide multiple options for treatment, allowing us to find the most effective method for your home. Bed bugs are notoriously tricky pests, but our eco-friendly treatments are guaranteed to work. Call Beeline Pest Control today to learn more.

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