Why Is DIY Bed Bug Control Ineffective In Denver?

Bed bug crawling on fabric.

Are you having trouble getting to sleep at night because you are worried about bugs biting you? You are not alone; bed bugs are a big problem here in Denver. These little insects love to invade sleeping areas at night and feed on the blood of humans. To help you understand these pests and the struggles of DIY (do-it-yourself) bed bug control, we will break these things down today. If you are up against an active infestation of bed bugs inside your home and you want these pests out, call Beeline Pest Control. We will walk you through our Denver pest control options and find a solution to your bed bug problems.

What Can You Do To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling?

You are most likely to pick up bed bugs while traveling. The best way to avoid bringing home an active infestation is to know how to identify bed bugs. Start by inspecting your own home for signs like blood stains, reddish-black fecal stains, eggs, shed skins, and adult bed bugs. Identify an adult bed bug by its ⅛ inch-long, reddish-brown, oval-shaped body. While traveling, check the rooms you plan on staying in for signs of bed bugs before settling in. We also recommend storing used clothing inside air-tight bags and washing them on high heat immediately after getting home.

Did You Bring Bed Bugs Home From Your Vacation?

Have you recently returned from a vacation and are now noticing bite marks on your skin? You may have brought home bed bugs. These pests use items people carry to travel from place to place. They might have been hidden in your briefcase, suitcase, or in a pile of used clothing. Now that they are inside your home, bed bugs are hiding in cracks, crevices, and other secluded areas. They will only come out at night to feed for short periods. If you are unsure if your home has an active bed bug infestation, look for signs of bed bugs. Here are a few to look for:

  • Bite marks on your skin that run in a straight line or zig-zag pattern
  • Fecal stains on your bed and in hard-to-reach areas around your home
  • Eggs inside cracks and crevices
  • Shed skins around your bed
  • Blood stains on your bed coverings
  • A musty odor in the air (common with larger infestations)

Another way to identify bed bugs is to bring in a professional for an inspection. Call Beeline Pest Control now to schedule an appointment for your home.

DIY Bed Bug Control Is Often Ineffective

Bed bugs are not a pest you can treat on your own. They are resistant to many forms of pest control and are quick to hide when faced with danger. Some bed bugs are able to survive for over a year without a blood meal and then will reemerge from wall voids and other hiding spaces after treatments wear off indoors. To make sure your bed bug problem is handled right the first time, you need professional bed bug control in Denver.

What To Look For In A Professional Bed Bug Control Company

At Beeline Pest Control, we know how to identify bed bugs and have the advanced treatments needed to remove these pests from area homes. We would be happy to put our experience to work for you.

Call now to schedule your Denver home for a detailed bed bug inspection or if you have any questions about these invasive and problematic pests.

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