How To Safely Get Rid Of Rodents In Colorado Springs

Rat sitting on CCTV wiring inside a home.

Do you have a hard time keeping rodents out of your Colorado Springs home? If so, you are not alone. Many homeowners in our area struggle against these furry pests. The good news is that rodents are a very solvable pest problem. You just have to know a thing or two. Here is what you should know about the rodents in Colorado Springs and some methods to safely remove them from your interior spaces. Call our team today if you would like to skip straight to professional rodent control. We will walk you through our control options and help you find one that best fits your needs.

Are There Rodents In Your Home?

Sometimes it is hard to identify rodents. Why? Because these pests love living indoors but hate being noticed by humans. They are most active at night when you and your family are asleep. Keeping this in mind, we think it is important for you to know some signs of rodents to look out for. Here are a few you should know.

  • Pellets of fecal matter
  • Urine stains
  • Gnaw marks
  • Holes chewed through boxes, walls, and other things indoors
  • Random electrical problems
  • Scampering sounds late at night
  • Damage to pantry items

Beyond these signs, there is one other way to identify wild rodents. That is with a professional pest inspection. We offer professional inspections at Beeline Pest Control. All you have to do is reach out to us today.

The Problem With Letting A Rodent Infestation Go Unchecked

There are many problems associated with rodents. If these furry pests take up residence inside your home, here are a few issues you can expect.

  • Annoyance: Rodents are incredibly annoying. Since these pests are nocturnal, you are likely to hear them skittering around inside your wall and ceiling voids late at night. They will also leave you small “presents” in the back of your pantry, cabinets, and other areas around your home.
  • Danger: Rodents spread diseases with their fecal droppings and urine. Some common diseases these pests spread are salmonellosis, hantavirus, and hantavirus. Rodents also carry fleas and ticks into area homes, these small parasitic bugs also spread diseases to humans and animals.
  • Damaged property: Rodents use their teeth to chew holes through walls and into boxes. They will also gnaw on the legs of furniture and tear up things like clothing, furniture, insulation, and books to gather materials for their nests.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of Rodents In Colorado Springs

Trying to deal with rodents on your own is a quick way to get sick. If you are cleaning up after these furry pests or removing them from your property, safety gear is required. If you want to avoid interacting with things that might make you sick, your best option is to hire a professional. We know how to safely remove these pests from properties. 

How To Keep Your Home Rodent-Free For Good!

To get rid of rodents for good, you need a professional pest control provider. At Beeline Pest Control, we offer affordable and quick-working services to address invasive wildlife like rodents. We would be happy to inspect your home for an existing infestation and talk you through our control options. It doesn’t matter if you have one tiny mouse or dozens of large rats, we have the tools and experience to get the job done right.

Call now to find out how our team combats rodents in our area and schedule your home and property for a visit. Let us show you why we are your premier option for pest control in Colorado Springs.

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