Rodent Rundown: Keeping These Dangerous Pests Away From Your Nashville Property

Norway Rat in a home.

Rats. Voles. Mice. These and other rodents are a common problem for businesses and homeowners alike in Tennessee. An infestation is a tremendously stressful thing to deal with, so how can you keep these pests away from your property?

If you're new to or inexperienced with rodent control, we can help. Beeline Pest Control technicians are experts in Nashville pest control and want to share some of their knowledge with you. Keep reading to learn the best ways to combat rodents in Tennessee.

Signs Of Infestation: How To Identify Rodent Activity

Big and small rodents are naturally messy creatures, so if you're looking for signs of an infestation, look for things that are out of order. Be on the lookout for scratch marks on walls and floors, teeth marks on food containers, trails of dirt along baseboards, and shredded fabric or paper. You may also see (or smell) their waste throughout your home.

Whether you find obvious signs or simply have suspicions, Beeline Pest Control can help. Our technicians inspect thoroughly inside and outside your home to uncover harborage spots and determine the problem's severity. We even provide free estimates, so call as soon as you think there's a problem.

Rodent Dangers: Health Risks And Property Damage

All rodents in Nashville can pose a danger to property and human health. For example, they must chew to keep their constantly growing front teeth trimmed frequently. In our homes, that means chewing on wood, plastics, fabrics, and even wiring.

Rodents are also prolific disease vectors. They can make us sick through direct contact or indirectly through contamination or the parasites they carry. Two of the most common diseases spread by rodents are rat-bite fever and hantavirus. 

Keeping these pests off your property can help keep your family and home safe. Beeline Pest Control's crew can provide recurring, regularly scheduled inspections and treatments to ensure your home stays rodent-free. Reach out to us to learn more about our pest-free guarantee. 

Rodent Exclusion Tips: Safeguard Your Property from Infestations

Common rodents share some behavioral traits that you can use to protect your home. Many of these tips don't require special training or equipment, just a change in habits. Try implementing these in your home today:

  • Trim back branches so they are at least five feet away from your home
  • Repair holes in your roof and window screens
  • Make sure your garbage bags are closed tight and kept in sealed bins
  • Repair leaky plumbing in your home and remove standing water in your yard
  • Cover drains that lead to the inside of your home with a grate or mesh

There are many other ways you can further rodent-proof your home. When Beeline Pest Control technicians visit your property for an inspection, they'll identify other prevention techniques appropriate for your property. That's one of the many ways we help our customers live pest-free lives.

Professional Rodent Control: The Safe Way To Remove An Infestation

A rodent infestation can quickly turn your Nashville dream home into a nightmare, so you must act fast to minimize the harm they cause. But attempting to get rid of rodents without the necessary training can be dangerous, too. That's why you should leave it to the professionals at Beeline Pest Control.

We've been helping Nashville and other communities say goodbye to pests for over ten years by utilizing the most effective eco-friendly solutions available. We eschew "one size fits all" solutions in favor of treatment plans that address each customer's unique situation. Call Beeline Pest Control today and discover the difference that genuinely effective pest control can make.

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