How Bad Is It To Have Box Elder Bugs On My Omaha Property?

Box Elder Bug on a wall.

If you have lined your Omaha property with the box elder tree, chances are you have become more than familiar with the box elder bug. While they are certainly unwanted guests in your home or on your land, the bug itself is rather harmless, except of course to your trees.

The box elder bug does not bite or sting humans. It is also not known to damage property. However, the main source of food for the species is the box elder seed pod, released only by female box elder trees. How detrimental the bug will be to your Omaha property will depend largely on the types and size of trees you have on it.

What Do Box Elder Bugs In Omaha Look Like?

At Beeline Pest Control, we have seen our fair share of box elder bugs. Before we can appropriately address pests on your Omaha property, we will want to identify precisely what problem you are having, starting with the type of bug.

A box elder bug is about ½ inch long as an adult, with a black body and head. There are typically three lines that mark the back of the box elder bug, which are red in color. These red lines run diagonally along its back, behind the head. You may find the box elder bug in your Omaha home or on your property during poor weather, as they will seek shelter inside. As they feed on the box elder tree’s seed pod, they are not typically seeking food inside your home. 

Should I Worry About Box Elder Bugs On My Omaha Property?

The box elder bug is not harmful to humans. There is no known disease carried by this species, and it does not feast on humans or their blood. Instead, the box elder bug is likely to cause damage to your Omaha property only to the trees. If the box elder seed pods are not easily found, the bugs may opt to chew on that of the maple tree, a far more common variety. Ultimately, the damage the box elder bug will cause is to the tree population. Without successful seed pods, the trees cannot continue to procreate, and new trees cannot grow. The destruction of seed pods will limit new tree additions, and could in time, eliminate specific tree varieties from the area.

Why Do I Have Box Elder Bugs On My Omaha Property?

The box elder bug is likely only on your property for one reason: to find box elder seed pods for consumption. This highly desired food is the bug species’ main source of nourishment and is specifically sought after by the box elder bug. If you have seen signs of the box elder bug on your Omaha property, it is likely because the box elder tree species is nearby, if not on, your property. At Beeline Pest Control, we know that their presence is unwelcome, not just to your home’s humans, but also to your plants and trees.

How Do I Get Rid Of Box Elder Bugs On My Omaha Property?

In order to rid your Omaha home and property of the box elder bug, it is advisable to follow these tips:

  • Search the outdoor perimeter of your home for cracks and crevices that the bugs may use for entry.
  • Seal any obvious points of entry with caulk, screens, or sealant.
  • Be sure spaces such as windows, doors, and vents are tightly sealed or covered with bug-proof screening.
  • Install tightly sealed casings and door sweeps to ensure a solid fit.

Ultimately, the only way to truly keep your Omaha property safe from pests is to trust us at Beeline Pest Control. We have the experience and know-how to get the job done, keeping your home pest-free all season long.

We will start our program to fit your needs, with a full in- and out-of-home inspection of your Omaha property. We will create a comprehensive treatment plan and routinely follow up with return visits. No matter the pest, we at Beeline Pest Control are capable of handling it, giving Omaha homeowners the peace of mind they deserve. Call Beeline Pest Control today for an estimate and plan catered to your Omaha property’s needs.

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