How to Keep Your Pets Safe From Bed Bug Infestations In Denver

Bed bug crawling on furniture.

From the warmth of the summer to the bitter winter season, the bed bugs of Denver, CO, are some of the most dangerous pests around. 

These reddish-brown insects may not look like much but are about the same size as an apple seed. However, these pests are capable of wreaking havoc around your property, especially the health of people and pets. Are your dogs and cats in danger from a bed bug infestation? Read on to learn more. 

Why Bed Bugs Are Considered A Denver Pest Threat 

While they may not spread diseases or cause physical injuries, bed bugs have been considered a Denver pest threat for many years. 

Bed bugs don’t live on their host like other parasitical insects but prefer to hide away inside mattresses, couches, and even electrical outlets. Although it may come as a surprise, bed bugs can and will bite pets because they emit two critical factors: carbon dioxide and heat.

Interestingly, bed bugs aren’t big fans of hair or fur. The vast majority of bed bug bites on a pet will be in areas with less fur, such as ears or the belly. 

Bed bug bites may lead to restlessness or insomnia, as well as secondary infections from bleeding. If the bites continue long enough, they may even cause anemia in their victims. 

Identifying Bed Bugs Or Fleas On Your Pet 

Discerning the difference between bed bugs and fleas on your pet can be difficult, especially without prior experience. Below are a few tell-tale signs that may point you in the right direction: 

  • Bed bugs do not live on a host; fleas do.
  • Bed bugs can be seen by the naked eye (¼ inch). Fleas are much smaller and are linear in appearance.
  • Bed bugs crawl slowly from place to place. Fleas prefer to take large or leaping jumps.

Bed bugs cannot travel far, meaning the infestation must be originating from a nearby focal point. Fleas, on the other hand, will live within the fur of your cat or dog. If visual identification can’t be made, consider reaching out to a veterinarian for help. 

Best Steps For Denver Bed Bug Protection: Beeline Pest Control 

Prevention is the best first step toward pest prevention, especially for bed bug infestations. Below are a few tips of the trade to keep your property safe: 

  • Wash your pet’s bedding in the highest possible heat setting, especially if you travel frequently.
  • Bathe your pet regularly, and be sure to stay up-to-date on any flea or tick treatments.
  • While traveling, inspect your lodgings for any signs of bed bug activity. If you suspect that you may be in a hotspot, leave the premises immediately.  
  • Call the professionals at Beeline Pest Control to set up regular bed bug visits. 

Since 2009, Beeline Pest Control has been a leading bed bug management and control provider in Denver, CO. We use various methods and treatment types to remove pests from your premises. At the same time, we provide low-impact solutions that keep your pets safe and sound. We don’t just want to be your pest control leader – we want to partner with you for lasting success!

Don’t leave yourself or your pets at the mercy of biting bed bugs. Instead, reach out to Beeline Pest Control to get connected with bed bug control services right away.

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