How To Avoid Potential Termite Damage In Colorado Springs

Termite crawling on wood.

Termites love chewing through the wood of homes. If given the opportunity, these pests will happily damage your property. The questions are: how do termites spread, and what control methods work best to avoid the damage they cause? We are going to be talking about these pests today and offering you some things to think about to protect your property. If you would like to skip straight to professional termite control options, call us today. At Beeline Pest Control, we offer a range of helpful and effective service options to deal with wood-destroying insects. To learn more about the kinds of termites in Colorado Springs, keep reading. 

Do All Termites Fly?

Unlike flies, not all termites are born with wings. Most members are completely flightless and spend the majority of their lives either underground or inside a structure of wood. It is only termite swarmers that have wings and the ability to fly. If you didn’t know, swarmers are reproductive termites that are in charge of finding areas to build new nests. They are only able to survive a short time above ground before they will dry out and die. Once swarmers find a suitable place to build, they either tunnel into the ground or into a structure of wood. If you see tiny black insects with large white wings (large compared to their bodies) inside your home, call a professional immediately, as this could be a sign of an active infestation. 

Learn The Warning Signs: Termites In Colorado Springs

Apart from seeing swarmers inside your Colorado Springs home, there are a few other early warning signs of termite problems. The first is mud tubes. Subterranean termites, the most common kind of termites in our area, build pencil-sized mud tubes to climb up the exterior of homes. These tubes will not be present if your home’s wood directly touches exterior soil or if cracks and gaps in your foundation allow these pests a more protected path upwards. Another early warning sign of termites is damaged trees and stumps on your property. The closer these pests are to your home, the more likely you will be to have trouble with them in the near future. Find out for certain if your home has a termite infestation by scheduling a thorough inspection. Our team is trained to identify these pests and would be happy to assist you ASAP.

Termite Damage Is Avoidable: Know The Steps

Did you know that termite damage is considered a preventable disaster by home insurance providers? This means it is entirely your job to prevent these pests and that the insurance company won’t pay a dime if your home is severely damaged due to termite-related problems. The absolute best way to protect your home year-round is to hire a termite control specialist. At Beeline Pest Control, we offer comprehensive solutions to mitigate termite problems. We would be happy to assess your home and property and put in place protective treatments.

Termite Control Is Worth Every Penny!

There is nothing more valuable than knowing your home is safe from destructive pests like termites. If you are looking for a reliable and friendly pest control provider to keep these pests away, look no further than Beeline Pest Control. Our team works vigilantly to ensure members of our community have access to advanced and affordable termite control services. Let us pay your home and property a visit and talk you through our comprehensive pest control options.

Call now if you have questions about termite control. Let us walk you through your options and help you find a Colorado Springs pest control plan that best fits your needs.

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