Denver Homeowners' Complete Guide To Effective Rodent Control

Large rat on a rusted pipe in a dark basement.

If rodents are invading your Denver home, you will no doubt want to know how to get rid of rodents in your house and eliminate all rodents that may be on your property. Fortunately, our article gives you a rundown of the types of rodents you may be dealing with and how to rid yourself of all kinds of rodents.

Rodents That Can Invade Your Denver Home

There are several common types of rodents in Denver that you may encounter in or around your home. We discuss these rodents below, as it is essential to learn the distinction between them and to entirely remove all rodents from your property:

  • House Mice: Smaller, greyish coat of fur, broad ears
  • Norway Rats: Larger, brown to greyish fur, prefer underground or lower areas to live
  • Roof Rats: Slightly smaller than Norway rats, dark brown to black fur, love living in attics

The Dangers Rodents Can Bring Into Your Denver Home

All different kinds of rodents may quickly bring dangers into your home. All rodents are well-known for being carriers of disease. Coming into contact with the rodents themselves, their urine or feces, or contaminated food can present a significant health risk. Diseases you can get from rodents include hantavirus, tularemia, and salmonellosis. Their urine and feces often dry up and become airborne and with mice, this further increases your risk of contracting a disease.

Additionally, all kinds of rodents feel the constant need to chew and gnaw. This means that an infestation of this pest can create serious damage around your home as the rodents chew through virtually any material, including wood, cement, cinder block, brick, and electrical wiring. Leaving a rodent infestation untreated can result in a very costly repair bill.

Natural Ways To Keep Rodents Away From Your Denver Home

Understanding how to get rid of rodents in your house can include instituting natural prevention tips to deter this pest from starting an infestation in the first place:

  • Seal up food waste and trash tightly and dispose of all waste promptly. Put leftover food away properly and refrain from leaving out dirty dishes or ignoring food and drink spills, as the aroma of food and trash draws in all rodents. 
  • Make sure that there are no rodent entry points around your home by sealing up cracks in windows, doors, and the foundation with steel wool or other chew-proof material. Also, invest in a chimney cap to keep rodents from entering this way.
  • Address moisture issues on your property and ensure your home has proper ventilation. This will stop pools of water from forming that attract rodents.
  • Make sure that your yard stays clear of debris and keep the grass trimmed down low. This will make the outside less hospitable to potential rodent invaders.

The Safe And Effective Way To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Denver Home

If you want to get rid of rodents for good and want to ensure that your removal method is safe and effective, reach out to the professionals at Beeline Pest Control. The experts can help you identify the exact type of pest you are up against and will provide you with customized solutions that help to eliminate this pest from your property.

Contact Beeline Pest Control today to get rid of rodents and claim back your Denver home from pests.

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