How To Keep Rodents Outside Where They Belong In Omaha

Mouse on the floor.

Many types of rodents are found in Omaha. For the most part, these small creatures like to live outdoors and stay as far away from people as possible. However, occasionally, one of these common pests will find its way into your home, which can be extremely hazardous to your health and your home. 

If you are having a difficult time keeping the rodents out of your home, you may need the help of an experienced Ohama pest control specialist. At Beeline Pest Control, we know all of the most effective methods and treatments that are sure to keep these pests outside where they belong. 

How Big Are The Rodents In Omaha?

There is a wide range of rodents that call Nebraska home. Some of the rodents can be quite small, while others are larger and more destructive. Here is a look at some of the most common types of rodents that you can find in Nebraska:

  • Eastern woodrat: The eastern woodrat is smaller than most rats. Its body is only about 6 to 11 inches long and they have long tails that are slightly shorter than their bodies. Usually, these rats have gray fur, but they have been known to have reddish-brown colored fur as well.
  • Norway rat: This rat is commonly referred to as the brown rat, street rat, and sewer rat. When fully grown, the Norway rat can measure around 16 inches long, which includes the length of its tail. These rats are the largest rats that live in this area.
  • Black rat: This type of rat is sometimes referred to as a roof rat. When it reaches full maturity, the average black rat can measure between 13 to 18 inches long from its nose to the tip of its tail. This type of rat has a pointed nose, large ears, and dark black fur.
  • House mouse: The house mouse is one of the most common types of rodents to invade Omaha homes. These rodents have small bodies that are only about three to four inches long, and their tails are about two to four inches long. Most house mice have brown fur and small ears.
  • Deer mouse: These mice are also extremely small and their bodies usually measure around two to four inches long. Deer mice have large ears, big round eyes, and gray or brown fur.

Most of the rodents on this list prefer to live in rural areas with rich vegetation. However, they can all come into your home when they are in search of food, shelter, or water.

Can Rodents In Your House Make You Sick?

Rodents are known to carry a wide range of diseases, which include leptospirosis, hantavirus, E. coli infections, and salmonellosis. If they come into your home, they could spread these diseases to you and your family through direct and indirect contact. Even dried rodent droppings can make you sick as they release illness-causing pathogens into the air.

Why DIY Rodent Control Is A Waste Of Time And Money

To effectively get rid of rodents, you need to know their activity habits. Many times, DIY pest control solutions don't work because the average person does not know when and where to place the traps. Because rodents breed so quickly, it's also difficult to eliminate a rodent problem with store-bought traps or bait. These methods only address a small number of rodents at a time, all while the infestation grows out of sight.

The Safe And Effective Way To Get Rid Of A Rodent Infestation

If you are looking for a way to eliminate rodents from your Omaha home for good, give us a call today. At Beeline Pest Control, we have a team of experienced pest control specialists who know the best way to get rid of rodents fast. Contact us for more information about our effective rodent control solutions.

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