What To Do About Box Elder Bugs On Your Denver Property

Box Elder Bug crawling on a dried twig.

If you live in Denver, it is likely you are well acquainted with the box elder bug. This pest tends to take to Denver homes from the late fall into early spring to winter while conditions outdoors are less favorable. This doesn’t mean you have to put up with this unwanted resident. We at Beeline Pest Control know just how much of a nuisance the box elder bug can be. We have some tips to help you look forward to spring and get rid of these pests for good.

What Do Box Elder Bugs In Denver Look Like?

The box elder bug is about ½ inch long when it is an adult. It is a black color, with three red lines running along its back, just behind the head. Before they are of adult age, the box elder bug has a red abdomen and does not yet have wings. This bug is found indoors in Denver homes typically during the coldest winter months, as they seek food, water, and shelter indoors. While they will feed on plants, the box elder bug is known to eat box elder seed pods found on only female box elder trees. They will also occasionally eat maple seeds.

Are Box Elder Bugs In Denver Dangerous?

While box elder bugs may be a pest to you, as most bugs are considered by humans, this variety won’t do anything dangerous. Box elder bugs do not bite or sting, and they also do not carry any diseases. Typically, the box elder bug will also not do major damage to your property, home, or plants, unless, of course, you have female box elder trees. Female box elder trees are most prone to damage, as the breeding of the trees will be hindered when seed pods are destroyed. Maple tree seed pods will also often be consumed by the pest.

How To Get Rid Of Box Elder Bugs On Your Denver Property

Like most pests seeking to enter your home for the winter months especially, there are some preventive tips you can take from Beeline Pest Control. To stop the box elder bug:

  • Seal any holes in your windows, doors, and screens to prevent entry.
  • Search along the foundation, looking especially for cracks and crevices that can be easily accessed.
  • Install door sweeps and tight seals around windows and window casings.

These methods can help prevent box elder bugs from entering your home, but if you already have an infestation, do-it-yourself methods will be largely ineffective. If you spot signs of box elder bugs in your home, contact Beeline Pest Control.

Ways To Prevent Future Box Elder Bugs On Your Denver Property

Ultimately, the very best way to be sure the box elder bug is eliminated from your Denver home and property is to entrust the services of Beeline Pest Control. We use our years of expertise and specialized training to inspect your property and create a comprehensive pest treatment plan. From the initial visit to our routine follow-ups, Beeline Pest Control will be there every step of the way to rid your home of box elder bugs.
Call today to schedule an inspection of your Denver home — Beeline Pest Control is here to help.

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