Help! I Can't Seem To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of My Denver Business!

Bed bug crawling on a piece of paper.

It is a common misconception that bed bugs only happen in homes with beds, but the truth is that they can be found in many places, including most businesses. When this happens, business owners can be left defenseless. 

A pest infestation of any kind can put a business's reputation at risk. What's worse about bed bugs is that patrons can take them home with them, leading to people not wanting to return. 

As a Denver business owner, you should know what you are up against when it comes to bed bugs. Doing so will keep your customers safe and happy and your business afloat. 

How Bed Bugs Spread In A Business

Bed bugs don't fly but instead, get around by hitching a ride. As said above, people can pick bed bugs up and bring them home, but they can also bring them to businesses.

As their name suggests, bed bugs do prefer being around beds. This is because they are nocturnal and come out at night to feed. Bed bug diets consist of blood meals, with their preference being human blood. So, this pest comes out at night when people are sleeping to feed, which is why they are most commonly found near beds.

However, bed bugs can live for months without eating, which allows them to infest places where they don't have easy access to a meal. Common hotspot locations for bed bugs include:

  • Hotels and motels
  • Airports, trains, and bus stations
  • Offices
  • Gyms
  • Shopping centers
  • Schools and dormitories
  • Movie theaters
  • Libraries

Bed bugs can infest businesses by being carried in by customers and employees. Plus, they can move between multi-units, so if you are in a multiple-unit building, neighboring businesses can cause your infestation.

This is why it is essential to know the signs of an infestation. Doing so can help you to catch this pest early before it becomes a significant problem. 

Signs Of Bed Bugs In A Business

Signs of a bed bug infestation differ in homes and businesses. As a business owner, you should look out for:

  • Red and rust-colored stains on furniture and walls
  • White eggs, which are usually found in clusters
  • Shed skins
  • A musty smell

It is vital to have an open and honest relationship with employees, who will tell you if they have an infestation in their home. This can stop the spread of this pest and save your business and other employees from experiencing an infestation as well. 

If you have bed bugs in your business, don't wait to take control of them, as they will only get worse, potentially causing you to lose your livelihood.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In A Business

Bed bugs are challenging to prevent, so call the pros right away if you end up with this pest in your business. Beeline Pest Control is your go-to for all things bed bugs and pest control for Denver business owners.

We offer the most effective solutions to bed bugs, and with our bedbug-free guarantee, you can rest assured knowing that if this pest isn't entirely gone after our first treatment, we will return and re-treat your home until they are gone.

Our bed bug services include treatment room-by-room, targeting beds, mattresses, couches, furniture, and behind wall hangings and fixtures.

Contact us at Beeline Pest Control to get started with bed bug control and assistance with other pests that might be bugging you.

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