The Complete Guide To Safe And Effective Bed Bug Control For Omaha Homes

Bed bug crawling on someone's skin.

It is not easy to get a good night's sleep when there are things that cause disturbances. Now, some people can learn to deal with certain disruptions. If you have a train that goes by near your home, you probably won't notice it at night. The same thing cannot be said, however, for people living with bed bugs. These pests cannot be ignored. If you have not taken the time to think about these invasive insects, take some today. Call our team at Beeline Pest Control to learn about our advanced bed bug pest control in Omaha. We will find a treatment that will best eliminate these pests inside your home. Keep reading to find out more about bed bug control and discover why these insects invade Omaha's properties in the first place.

Sure Signs Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs in Omaha do not make their presence known inside the homes they invade. These insects like to stay out of sight during the day and will only come out late at night when they think it is safe to feed. That said, it is important that you know some signs of bed bugs to identify the presence of these pests. Check your home for the following clues:

  • Fecal droppings
  • Shed skin
  • Eggs
  • Dead bed bugs
  • Blood stains

Check for these signs around your sleeping area, bedroom, and secluded areas around your home. For help with bed bug identification, bring in our team at Beeline Pest Control for a thorough inspection. 

The Symptoms Of A Bed Bug Infestation

Having bed bugs inside your home is not the worst thing in the world. These pests do not pose any severe threat to your health or safety and only become problematic as infestations grow. The two issues you will eventually face are anemia and insomnia. Anemia is caused by a lack of healthy red blood cells and can drastically affect a person's general health. Insomnia is a condition that affects sleep and can also affect general health. The good news is that both of these conditions are easily treatable and can be avoided if you simply deal with bed bugs before they reproduce. We are going to talk about your options for bed bug pest control in just a bit.

All The Ways Bed Bugs Can Sneak Their Way Into Our Homes

If bed bugs are inside your home, it could be the fault of you or one of your loved ones. You see, these pests need to use people to get around. More specifically, bed bugs climb onto items that people carry. They then wait for people to pick up these items and carry them home. You or any one of your family members or friends might bring a bed bug infestation into your living areas. The only way to stay safe is to keep an active eye out for these sleep-wrecking pests.

How Professional Bed Bug Control Eliminates Bed Bug Infestations

There are a few different ways to eliminate bed bugs locally. Some people use heat treatments; others use localized applications. We use two popular methods. Our chemical treatments are great for targeting areas where these pests are breeding and gathering and eliminating these pests on the spot. Our non-toxic silica gel powder treatments work a bit slower but do solve the problem given a bit of time. Both of these control methods have their benefits and are available to you.

Contact Beeline Pest Control today if you have questions about our bed bug control in Omaha or if you are ready to make an appointment for your Omaha home.

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