A Guide To Boxelder Bug Control In Omaha

Boxelder Bug on a dried twig.

Boxelder bugs are an annual annoyance in Omaha. Every fall, they hole up in their hiding places for the winter, entering sheds, garages, and even our homes and leaving their customary red fecal stains everywhere they go. In spring, they emerge, looking for food and swarming out of their hiding places. If you’re getting ready for the boxelder bugs to wake up, check out this Omaha pest control guide for boxelder bugs.

What Do Boxelder Bugs Look Like?

Boxelder bugs are typically black with indicative red or orange lines across their backs and wings. Their bodies are normally flat and oval-shaped, measuring about half an inch in length. The nymphs, baby boxelder bugs, are easier to spot as they lack wings and are bright red in color. Their antennae are roughly half the length of their body, black, and segmented.
One way to identify boxelder bugs is by their excrement, which can leave reddish stains on lighter-colored furniture or carpeting. They may also be identified by the strong odor they produce when crushed or otherwise roughly handled.

What Attracts Boxelder Bugs To My Home?

Boxelder bugs are hibernating insects and typically emerge from their overwintering sites in early spring when the boxelder buds open. These boxelder buds are part of their diet, consuming the leaves and seeds the trees produce in the spring. Boxelder bugs take shelter wherever they can find that is warm and safe from the chill of winter, which most often leads them to your home.
After they’ve stopped overwintering, they’ll begin to emerge but will return to their hiding places for shelter until the summer, when they will go elsewhere. Boxelder bug infestations most often begin in fall but may be completely missed until late winter or spring when the bugs begin being active again.

Is There Anything That Repels Boxelder Bugs?

The best way to deal with boxelder bugs in Omaha is to prevent them from entering in the fall. Here are a few ways you can stop an infestation before it begins.

  • Repair holes in window and door screens to prevent pests from entering your home. These are the most common entry points invaders use when seeking shelter.
  • Seal cracks with quality silicone or silicone-latex caulk. This will prevent pests from entering your walls and crawlspace, reducing the chances of infestations going unnoticed.
  • Install door sweeps to all exterior entrances to reduce invaders slipping under your door. The door is where most creatures enter your home, and flat bugs like the boxelder bug can slip between the gap underneath with ease.

Preventing a boxelder bug infestation is the best way to keep them out, but nothing is certain. So how do you get rid of boxelder bugs in your Omaha house?

Tricks To Permanently Get Rid Of Boxelder Bugs On Your Property

The number one trick to getting rid of boxelder bugs and keeping your home pest-free is to contact the professionals. For quality boxelder bug control in Omaha, partner with the experts at Beeline Pest Control. 
At Beeline Pest Control, we are dedicated to keeping Omaha properties safe from a wide range of pests. Our team has the tools and know-how to oust occasional invaders like boxelder bugs. Whatever the pest, Beeline’s the best! Reach out today for a free estimate.

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