The Guide To Termite Control For Colorado Springs Residents

Subterranean Termites tunneling through rotten wood.

When living in Colorado Springs, residents witness every day the beautiful scenery that inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write "America the Beautiful." Colorado Springs lies at the foot of one of America's famous landmarks – Pikes Peak. Beautiful homes lie across the city of Colorado Springs, and to local termites, these homes represent an opportunity to satisfy their insatiable hunger pangs. Without pest control in Colorado Springs, these tenacious insects may make a less than desirable impact on your home.

What Do Termites In Colorado Springs Look Like?

Subterranean termites are the most common Colorado Springs termites to visit homes. Termite colonies work within a caste system, which means they all work at specific jobs to ensure the colony's survival. The three castes in a termite colony are the reproductives, workers, and soldiers. While the termites of each caste look very similar, there are subtle differences homeowners can identify to tell them apart.

Characteristics of the subterranean caste system include:

  • Workers dominate a colony and do most of the work. Their narrow, long, and oval bodies measure about ¼ inch or less; they have six legs and antennae. Their small jaws help them chew and move materials.
  • Soldiers protect the colony and are similar in size, shape, and color to workers. Soldiers differ in their massive jaws and enormous dark brown rectangular heads.
  • Reproductives include alates (winged termites) which are dark brown/black with see-through milky wings; they measure ¼ to ½ inches long. They fly away from mature colonies to establish new ones. Kings and queens resemble workers in shape and coloration; however, they're usually a paler yellowish coloration that can get darker over time. When it comes to size, the queen is the largest in the colony, measuring up to an inch.

Distinguishing between ants and termites in Colorado Springs can sometimes give people trouble (especially the flying version). While ants cause problems in homes, termites are worse; therefore, it is crucial to have a termite expert like Beeline Pest Control on hand for professional termite identification.

How Do I Know If My Home Has Termites?

Termites creep up on homes unannounced, slip in unnoticed, and quickly consume all the cellulose (wood) products they can find. The only way to stop damage to your home is by inspecting it for signs that termites have arrived.

Six signs of termites in your Colorado Springs home include:

  1. Mud/soil-packed cracks and cervices in beams and boards
  2. Mud tubes on homes (especially where soil meets foundations)
  3. Hollow sounds when tapping wood
  4. Soft crumbly wood
  5. Discarded termite wings (especially around doors and windows)
  6. "Sawdust" under holes in wood

Any termite sighting requires professional help. Beeline Pest Control is a termite specialist; we know what it takes to remove termites in Colorado Springs altogether.

What Does A Termite Infestation Mean For Your Home

For a homeowner, active termites mean damage and expensive repairs not typically covered by insurance. Termites have a voracious appetite and eat 24 hours a day. Over time, even a small colony (60,000) can consume a 2x4 piece of wood yearly. If left untreated, infestations can cause extensive damage to the wood of your home, even to the point of weakening support timbers. With this type of potential damage, having a local pest professional like Beeline Pest Control nearby is crucial.

How Does Beeline Pest Control Get Rid Of Termites

Beeline Pest Control has been around since 2009 and has you covered when it comes to termite and pest control. Our family-owned and operated company is reliable and affordable. Upon contact, our technicians will inspect your home to verify your pest problem. If we determine you're dealing with termites, we'll check for termite tubes, signs of exposed walls, and even your drywall. (Yep, they eat that too!) The best thing about our Colorado Springs termite treatments is that they're guaranteed, so call Beeline Pest Control today for your free quote.

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