The Trick To Keeping Flies Out Of Your Denver Home

When house flies get into your Denver home, you might consider them to be just a nuisance to have around. After all, flies don't bite. But flies are far from harmless nuisances. They're implicated in the spread of more than 65 diseases! This is because, from the start, flies are exposed to rotting organic matter. Adult flies lay their eggs in disgusting things that you wouldn't want to touch. The larvae that hatch feed on this material and develop into adult flies. Long before a fly takes to the air, it is already exposed to microorganisms that can make you sick. That is why it is best to do everything you can to keep flies out of your home with pest control services in Denver. Here are a few tricks to help you do it.

house fly on paper towel

1. Address Potential Entry Points In Your Exterior

Decaying organic material, such as rotting vegetables, fruits, and meats, have a strong aroma that you wouldn't tolerate inside your home. Since flies lay their eggs in things that are rotting, they don't typically breed inside. They breed near your home and then find a way to get in.

  • An Open Door — When you enter your home, flies can enter with you. If you want to keep them out, be on the lookout for flies near your doors and only keep your doors open long enough to get inside.
  • A Closed Door — Flies may be able to get into your home through a door that is closed. They can get past a damaged screen on a sliding glass door and enter your home when you open the door. They can also slip through a gap in the weatherstripping of exterior doors, or pass through gaps around the frames.
  • An Open Window — When you open a window, it is an open invitation for flies to get inside. Make sure you have working screens and that you don't have any gaps around the frames of your screens. Flies will take advantage of any hole or gap and enter your home when you open a window.
  • Gaps Around Foundation Penetrations — If you have pipes, wires, wire conduits, or something else that passes through your foundation walls, make sure you don't have gaps around them. These make for quick and easy access for flies.

2. Exterior Breeding Sites

Before flies zip in through your door with you as you return home, they're drawn to the exterior of your home or invited into your garage space. The most common way this happens is because of the scent of garbage. If you forget to put your trash receptacles to the curb and your garbage is allowed to sit an extra week, it will stink, and it will make your receptacles stink. This is when you'll start to notice flies showing up. Clean your trash receptacles to prevent this attractant, and keep your receptacles covered to prevent flies from breeding in your trash. If you're having trouble with preventing flies in Denver, also do an inspection of your exterior and look for other potential breeding sites. Here are a few places flies might be breeding:

  • Rotting vegetation

  • Compost piles

  • Dog droppings

  • Spilled juice, soda, and other sweet liquids

  • Decaying wildlife

3. Interior Breeding Sites

While rare, flies may breed in your home. Here are a few examples:

  • If you have a garbage disposal unit and you have a tendency to leave material in the drain without running the unit, a fly could breed in that drain.

  • If you have a sink that is rarely used, such as a laundry room sink, a fly could breed in that sink.

  • If you have an interior trash or recycling room, this could be a source of a fly infestation.

Keep the interior of your home clean, dispose of trash weekly, and keep your drains clean to reduce the threat of a fly infestation.

If You Have A Fly Infestation

When flies keep showing up over and over again, and you don't know where they're breeding, consider contacting Beeline Pest Control. We support Denver homeowners with industry-leading pest control. We can inspect your home and your property to address your fly infestation. Connect with us today for assistance.