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Don’t Let Rodents Invade Your Denver Or Omaha Home

Every autumn, many pests in the Denver and Omaha area make their way indoors as the weather begins to cool down. They come inside in search of warm shelter, food, and water. Although having any pest get into your house is problematic, few cause as many problems as rodents.

Rats and mice are most likely to invade in fall and winter, although you may find them inside at any time of year. Once inside, they’ll spread harmful germs, chew up important parts of your home, and cover the areas they travel across with filthy droppings. Getting rodents out of your house should be your top priority because of the problems they cause. In order to protect your family and home from disease and damage, you need effective rodent control services in Denver from the skilled, experienced professionals at Beeline Pest Control.

Our Rodent Control Process

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We’ll begin your service with an inspection of your property. This examination allows us to determine the entry points rodents are using to access your house as well as where they’re nesting inside. We’ll target these areas during our treatment for fast, effective results.


At Beeline Pest Control, we focus on a one-time solution to eliminate your rodent infestation once and for all. We first place bait stations around the exterior of your house. We’ll also put them in interior locations where we find rodent activity.

We’ll also use a repellent around the entire exterior perimeter of your house to keep any new or returning rodents that are outside from coming back inside.

We offer a maintenance plan to keep the repellent renewed throughout the year. This plan ensures the protection of your home through all seasons, allowing you to stop worrying about a rodent infestation in your house.

A Rodent-Free Home In Denver, CO & Omaha, NE Is A Phone Call Away

Rodents in Denver are one of the most dangerous pests to get inside a home. They damage walls, insulation, wires, pipework, and food stores. They spread pathogens that contaminate your house and cause illnesses. They even bring parasites into your home so that you have even more pest problems to contend with. If you have a rodent problem in your house, don’t wait. Contact Beeline Pest Control immediately to get the rodent control solutions needed to eliminate your infestation and protect your home and family.

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