Rodent Deterrents For Denver Residences

What should you do about rodents and rats in the garage or your home? There are several kinds of rodents in Denver, but some of the most notorious (and common) home invaders are rats. Here’s what local homeowners should know about where rats like to hide, whether it’s possible to have a rat-free home without killing them, how to deter rats, and the best form of pest control in Denver.

Where Do Rats Like To Hide?

a rat in an attic

Where do rats live in your home? Like many rodents, rats prefer to hide in isolated areas of your home where they are unlikely to be discovered. This may include nooks and crannies in your attic, basement, garage, or another corner of your home.

Rats may also hide inside your walls and create nests here if they can chew through your insulation. Rooms that are dark, have extra moisture or humidity, and provide access to a food source can all become hiding spots for rats – so kitchens and basements are great places to look for possible rats.

Keep in mind that rats are nocturnal, which is why many homeowners might not realize they have a rat infestation. These critters are most likely to leave their hiding spots to search for food and water at night, but you may still notice signs of their presence – like droppings, runways, chewed wires, scratching noises, and potent odors from their waste.

Is It Possible To Have A Rat-Free Home Without Killing Them?

Rats can be dangerous and cause plenty of damage to your home, but can you get rid of them without killing them? Unfortunately, it is very difficult to completely eliminate a rat infestation without killing them – especially if you’re not using professional help.

You can use rat traps to trap and release some of these rodents in your home, but you’ll have to use a humane rat trap. Many rat traps are designed to kill rats instantly, but some live traps will safely cage the rat without harming it. However, rat traps aren’t very efficient for eliminating rat infestations. Not only do you need a large number of traps, but you’ll also need to place them in exactly the right spot to catch your rats.

Some homeowners may also try to use ultrasonic rodent repellers, which emit a frequency that’s unpleasant to rats but won’t harm them. While ultrasonic rodent repellers may temporarily get rid of rats, they usually won’t permanently deter them. Rats are clever, and they often just find new routes and pathways to get around your home.

If you’re interested in getting rid of rats while causing limited harm, you can always talk to a local pest management professional for more guidance.

Five Ways To Deter Rats

While you may not be able to eliminate a rat infestation without killing these critters, there are plenty of humane ways to deter rats from coming back, such as:

1. Don’t store your food and trash in accessible areas: Food that’s sitting out or trash cans that are left open are all accessible to rodents. Make sure you keep any food products in sealed containers or packages, use lids on garbage cans, and use trash bags that won’t leak.

2. Seal any potential rodent entrances: Rats need a way in, so using caulk or steel wool to block off holes, cracks, and gaps will help prevent them from getting into your home.

3. Keep your clutter under control: Rats thrive in clutter and may use storage boxes, newspapers, or other materials to build nests. Keeping your home organized can help prevent this from happening.

4. Don’t forget about outdoor trash cans or compost piles: Outdoor garbage cans and compost piles can also draw rats in, so you’ll want to seal off these areas.

5. Get rid of the extra moisture: Rats love water, so excess moisture and humidity around your home can attract them to hide there. If you have a moisture or humidity problem, you should address this as soon as possible.

Taking these steps to deter rats may seem like a lot of effort but preventing rats in the first place is far easier than eliminating an infestation.

Total Rat Control For Denver Residents

When it comes to eliminating rats, you’ll need the experience and treatments of professionals, and that’s where Beeline Pest Control can help. If you think you could have a rat or another rodent problem, these critters won’t go away on their own. Contact us today at Beeline Pest Control for more information about how our rodent and rat control works or to schedule your home inspection.