Keeping Fruit Flies Out Of Your Denver Home

At first glance, flies may all look the same, but a couple of things set fruit flies apart. To the human eye, fruit flies may appear to be tan, but their true coloring is usually black with gray underbellies. Their wings are translucent, and their eye color can also vary – while it’s common for fruit flies to have red eyes, they can also be brown or black.

Dealing with fruit flies is never pleasant for homeowners. Here’s what residents in Denver should know about why they have fruit flies and why they’re dangerous, how to prevent them, and what to do if you’ve got a troublesome fruit fly infestation already in your home.

Why Are Fruit Flies Attracted To Your Home And Are They Dangerous?

fruit flies on bananas

Fruit flies in Denver may seem like a constant pest during the summer and fall seasons, but there’s usually a reason for this. Fruit flies prefer to feast on rotting or decaying matter, and even like to lay their eggs on these items too. That way, when fruit fly larvae hatch, they’ll already have a food source to eat.

As their name suggests, fruit flies enjoy ripe and rotting fruits and vegetables, and they’re not shy about where they find these foods. Garbage disposals, drains, dumps, and even sewers can all attract fruit flies, and while they’re there, these pests may pick up other harmful pathogens, bacteria, and diseases.

For instance, fruit flies are frequent carriers of salmonellosis, E.coli, and listeria – which can all cause food poisoning, and in severe cases, could even end in a hospital visit.

After they’ve picked up these harmful pathogens in unsanitary places, it doesn’t take much for fruit flies to spread around your clean home. If they’re spending time around kitchen surfaces, pantries, or other areas where food is prepared, fruit flies may only need to touch clean surfaces to spread bacteria.

How To Prevent Fruit Flies In Denver, CO

While fruit flies may pose a health risk, there are ways to help deter them around your home – especially in seasons like summer and fall, when fruit fly populations are at their peak:

  • Regularly empty trash cans: Because they prefer rotting and decaying matter, a fruit fly’s first stop will be a trash can. If you’re not regularly emptying your garbage cans and keeping them sealed, you’re more likely to attract fruit flies.
  • Clean out your garbage disposal: Garbage disposals can also contain tiny food scraps and particles from leftover meals, so it’s a good idea to clean out your garbage disposal after you’ve used it.
  • Don’t leave spills uncleaned: Spills, especially sticky and sweet beverages, can lure fruit flies in, so you’ll want to clean these up as soon as possible.
  • Keep fruits and vegetables properly stored: Many people may like to keep fruit bowls sitting out in their home, but as this fruit ripens, fruit flies may try to lay their eggs there. Try keeping fruits and veggies stored in your refrigerator.
  • Wash dishes regularly: Like garbage disposals, dirty dishes can contain old, rotting food matter, and leaving them in the sink will only lure fruit flies in. Be sure to wash your dishes regularly, and preferably right after meals.
  • Clean up fallen fruits and vegetables: Fruit flies may enter your home if there’s rotting fruit and vegetables around your property, especially near your home. If you’ve got fruit trees or vegetable plants on your property, be sure to pick up fallen fruit and vegetables on a regular basis.

As you can see from these tips, the number one way to deter fruit flies is to minimize their access to food.

How To Handle Fruit Flies In Denver, CO

Not only is the constant presence of fruit flies a nuisance during the summer and fall seasons, but these pests can be dangerous too. Since they spend their time in trash cans and sewers, they may pick up harmful pathogens that they can spread to you or your family. While traps and sprays may eliminate some flies, these OTC treatments are rarely effective for getting rid of fruit flies long-term.

The best way to handle fruit flies is with professional help from those of us at Beeline Pest Control. Our reliable and affordable treatments are designed to keep your home fruit fly-free permanently. So, if you’re dealing with one too many fruit flies this year, there’s no reason to wait any longer – contact us at Beeline Pest Control for more information about our fruit fly control services.