DIY Cockroach Control vs. Professional Cockroach Control In Denver

When it comes to pest control in Denver, there are things you can do yourself, and there are things that are best left to the professionals. Let's take a look at how this works. But, more importantly, why it works this way.


cockroach on towels

At the heart of any cockroach control plan is proper sanitation. Cockroaches feed on the dead skin cells in dust. They feed on hair and lashes on bathroom counters and in tubs. They eat grease off the sides of ovens and crumbs underneath the toaster. We could go on, but some of the things that cockroaches eat are pretty disgusting. All you really need to know is that good sanitation can deter cockroach population growth and help to protect everyone in your home from cockroach-related illness. This is something that you can do yourself. A professional will advise you on sanitation tasks that can be helpful for controlling food sources, and also cockroach-breeding options.

Food Sources

While cockroaches have a preference for food that is decaying, they can also eat human and pet food. It is important to keep these protected. These are also tasks you can do yourself.

  • Never leave food out on the counters uncovered.
  • Put pet food down for a limited time during the day. Cockroaches are nocturnal insects.Refrain from leaving fruit out on display.
  • Store potatoes in a sealed bin.

Purchase containers to store your pantry foods in. Cockroaches can chew through paper, cardboard, and thin plastic.


Whether you are looking to prevent cockroaches from getting inside and replacing the roaches you are removing, or hoping to keep cockroaches from getting in your home in the first place, exclusions are essential. If you have the skillset to get this done, then you're all set. If not, you can have a professional handle this for you.

  • Use a caulking gun to seal gaps around window and door frames, pipes, wire conduits, and other exterior penetrations.

  • Use that caulking gun to also fill in wood holes created by wood-damaging pests or wood rot.

    Repair damaged screens, door sweeps, and weatherstripping.

  • Make sure all your vents have covers.

  • Use a foundation repair kit to seal cracks in your foundation.


Cockroaches prefer moisture. Some prefer it so much that addressing moisture issues can make them go away. You may be able to tackle moisture problems on your own. If not, contact a gutter-cleaning company, plumber, or landscaping professional to handle these.

Interior — Fix faucets or showerheads that leak. Fix weeping pipes and garbage disposals. Purchase dehumidifiers for rooms that stay humid. Use the fan in your bathroom to evacuate moisture during showers or baths.

Exterior — Make sure your gutter system is free of any blockages, and that there are no breaks in the system. Trim landscaping and remove unnecessary vegetation. 

Control Products

When control products are needed, it is best to allow a licensed pest professional to handle this. Cockroaches can be extremely difficult to control, particularly German cockroaches. When these roaches get inside Denver homes, control products are always needed. If you're noticing big, black cockroaches in your yard, you may not need control products to get control of them. Those are Oriental cockroaches. Often Oriental cockroaches can be controlled by addressing moisture issues and exterior food sources and attractants.

Why should you choose a professional for targeted cockroach control and barrier protection? Because cockroaches are adaptable insects that can make cockroach treatments difficult. 

  • If you use a chemical to control them, nymphs can shed their skins and develop new skins that are tolerant to the chemicals—essentially making them immune.

  • If you use a bait to get control of cockroaches and deploy it incorrectly, the roaches in your home can develop bait aversion.

  • If you lay borate powder down to exterminate cockroaches, they're likely to avoid it because they don't like to crawl across powder.

A professional uses a multi-pronged treatment plan. Several methods and products are used to ensure control. If a severe infestation is encountered, a cockroach clean-out may be required.


Have you discovered evidence of a cockroach infestation?

Let the service team here at Beeline Pest Control help you find the right strategy to address your infestation. We use Integrated Pest Management and trusted products to get control of cockroaches. Once your infestation has been dealt with, we can guide you in finding the right control strategy for the perimeter of your Denver home. This will prevent future infestations from taking root. The first step is easy. Reach out to us through our contact page and tell us about your cockroach problem, or contact us by phone. Our friendly pest experts are here to assist you, connect with us today to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Denver. We can help!