Don't Let Ants Take Over Your Denver Home

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Ants are a persistent problem in Denver, and for good reason. Ants are strong, hardy pests that have a knack for survival. They live in colonies, with each member of the colony assigned specific roles. They demonstrate a high degree of nutritional and habitat flexibility, and though they live in colonies, they explore the environment individually. Once an ant finds your home, it’s only a matter of time before others come, and once infestations enter your home, they can be difficult to eliminate.

If you need ant control in Denver, call Beeline Pest Control. With over 15 years of pest control experience, we’ve seen and treated it all. Call us today for help with ants.

Characteristics Of Common Ants

Ant infestations can be problematic, and early identification of ant infestations can go a long way toward effective treatment. Although there are thousands of types of ants, they share several common features as a group. Here are some of the ways to identify ants in your home:

  • Legs: Ants, as a class, have six legs.
  • Antennae: Ants generally have intermediate-length antennae.
  • Body parts: Ants possess a head, thorax, and abdomen.
  • Colonies: The vast majority of ants live in colonies, some of which can number in the thousands or tens of thousands.

Another thing ants in Denver have in common is that they’re all perfectly willing to share your home with you. If you need ant pest control, you want Beeline Pest Control. Contact us today to see how we can help you with ant control.

Don't Ignore An Ant Infestation

Ants boast high rates of reproduction as part of their survival strategy. Any time they find a place that offers them food, water, and shelter in close proximity, they will move there. Once they establish a colony, they immediately start reproducing, growing the colony as large as the surrounding area can support. Beyond that, an existing colony can send out members in all directions in order to establish new ones. While a small infestation is bad enough, an advanced one is worse, and an advanced one is the worst. The larger the infestation, the greater your chance of having to deal with them daily. For example, you may first have to deal with all the ants on your counters to use your kitchen.

Ant control in your house is critical if you want a clean, safe home free of scurrying ants, and Beeline Pest Control can help. Get in touch with us today and let our knowledge and experience come to your rescue.

Ant Control Maintenance: Keeping Your Home Ant-Free Long-Term

Eliminating ant infestations is important, but taking steps to prevent new infestations is critical. Fail to do that, and it’s only a matter of time before new infestations arrive. Here are some ways to decrease your property’s attractiveness to ants:

  • Eliminate trash: Ants are highly attracted to exposed trash. Seal it tightly or eliminate it to avoid attracting ants.
  • Eliminate clutter: Outside clutter can entice ants to build colonies. Eliminate clutter to remove this opportunity.
  • Minimize mulch: Ants love building colonies under mulch. Minimize how much mulch you use outside and keep it away from your house.

Finally, using professionals can help keep your property free of ants and other pests on an ongoing basis. Beeline Pest Control professionals know how to get rid of ants. Contact us today.

How Do The Professionals Get Rid Of Ants?

When you call Beeline Pest Control, we first do an extensive inspection of your property to determine the size and nature of the infestation. We then educate you on our findings so that you can be part of the treatment decision-making. We then apply effective, science-based treatments that have a history of eliminating ant infestations and preventing new infestations from establishing. 

If you need ant pest control services in Denver, call Beeline Pest Control. You will be glad you did.

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