Bee Control 101: Tackling A Bee Infestation On Your Nashville Property

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As spring breezes usher in warmer weather to Nashville, Tennessee, neighborhood yards will again come to life. Before you know it, green shoots will start peeking out of the soil, leaves will turn green again, and flowers will display vibrant colors. Warmer weather also awakens the number one pollinator of this world—bees. While these hard-working insects might benefit the ecosystem, homeowners may require expert bee removal services if bees get too comfortable around Nashville yards.

Why Are Bees So Important?

Bees are essential to our world because their pollination efforts help provide at least one-third of the food people rely upon. Pollination involves moving life-sustaining pollen from a flower's stamens (male part) to pistils (female part), allowing undeveloped seeds to grow into new plants. Bees are one of the most important means of transferring this life-sustaining pollen from plant to plant. Their daily visits to thousands of plants allow them to gather pollen on their legs and bodies. As bees bounce from plant to plant, they set fertilization in motion, leading to new growth.

In addition to pollination, honey bees, for example, produce food (honey) and byproducts from their hives (beeswax) that provide necessary ingredients for products people use daily. Bees are vitally important to the world's ecosystem and economy, so keeping their populations thriving is essential. However, when bees leave their natural habitats and move into our yards, homeowners may need bee control services from a pest professional like Beeline Pest Control.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Bees Around My Yard?

Bees come in different shapes and sizes. Some are solitary, and some are social. Unfortunately, bee populations often get a "bad rap" because people often group them with wasps and hornets, which are typically more aggressive. Most bees spend their lives buzzing from one flowering plant to another or are busy laying eggs to ensure their populations flourish. Bees typically would rather stay away from people rather than seek them out. The only time bees are typically aggressive is when they feel threatened or believe their nest is under attack.

While it is true that bees only sting once, they can use pheromones to call other members to help defend their home; this can result in a coordinated attack with unlimited stings. Bee stingers have a barb that has an attached venom sack. If stingers don't get removed quickly, the venom sack can continue to pump venom into a person's system. Most people deal with pain, swelling, irritation, or redness for a few hours, but those allergic to bee venom can experience life-threatening consequences if they don't get treated quickly.

Large numbers of bees in homes or outdoors near high-traffic areas can produce dangerous conditions affecting those you care about. Beeline Pest Control has bee control services near you that can help homeowners make safe and informed decisions regarding bee removal.

Five Tips To Prevent Bees Around Your Home

Eliminating tempting conditions that draw bees close to homes is the best way to ensure they stay away from Nashville homes. Homeowners who incorporate a few bee prevention tips into their home maintenance routines can do much to eliminate dangers associated with bee visits. Five simple bee prevention tips include:

  • Seal holes 1/4 inch or more, especially around utility and plumbing conduits.
  • Eliminate yard debris or clutter that can provide cavities for bee hives.
  • Reduce the amount of flowers you plant near your house.
  • Keep the flue in your fireplace closed when bees are most active.
  • Permanently remove any abandoned hives and nesting materials from your home and yard.

Bee removal can get tricky. Nobody wants to reduce the populations of our best pollinators, but sometimes, bee and beehive removal services become necessary because of safety concerns. While Beeline Pest Control leaves honey bee removal to beekeepers, we can provide treatments to alleviate other bee concerns and make recommendations for successful future prevention.

The Best Call To Make About Bees In Your Yard

Bees in Nashville yards can start to make homeowners uncomfortable, so it's always best to call Beeline Pest Control for bee pest control options in Nashville. Since 2009, our family-owned company has provided the residents of Nashville with fast, effective, and affordable pest removal options. We also offer eco-friendly treatments that can help protect the environment. Call Beeline Pest Control today for a free quote on our bee control solutions.

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