What Attracts Cockroaches In Denver Homes?

German Cockroach on fabric.

People choose where they live based on many factors. Some settle down near their family so they can visit often. Others pick the area they want to live in based on topography and climate. No one decides to settle down in a place filled with cockroaches. The only problem is; cockroaches are practically everywhere. The only way to avoid these pests is to move to Antarctica. That said, if you would like to keep cockroaches out of your Denver home, here are a few things that attract these pests and some clever prevention tips that will help keep them away.

Problems Cockroaches Cause

Cockroaches are neither cute nor harmless. In fact, cockroaches are some of the most dangerous pests you could have living inside your home. Why? Because they are filthy. No matter where roaches live, they always gravitate towards dirty, bacteria-ridden areas. These pests also consume decaying organic matter, which can host disease-causing organisms.

Here are just a few diseases cockroaches spread around Denver homes:

  • Salmonellosis
  • Typhoid fever
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Plague
  • Cholera
  • Dysentery

What's crazy is that the problems cockroaches cause doesn't stop at spreading diseases. These pests also release irritating particulates into the air that come from their shed skins and fecal droppings. If you have asthma, allergies, or any other respiratory problems, having these pests around your home could leave you struggling to catch a breath. To better understand your risk, talk to your doctor.

What Attracts Cockroaches

Your home attracts cockroaches in many ways. To break things down for you, here are ten of the most common factors that invite roaches to invade Denver properties:

  • High humidity indoors
  • Leaky pipes and fixtures
  • Broken, dirty, or leaking gutters
  • Clutter
  • Cracks and gaps in a home's exterior
  • Greasy floors and surfaces
  • Dropped food or organic matter
  • Ripped window or door screens
  • Exterior doors without door sweeps
  • Easy access to food in pantries, on counters, or in other areas around a home

As a general rule, the more accessible your home is, the more likely cockroaches will invade, and the more available food and water sources there are, the more likely they'll stay.

How To Prevent Cockroaches

Prevent cockroaches by eliminating factors that draw them in. We recommend starting by addressing moisture issues around your home. Fix leaky pipes and fixtures, repair broken gutters, and run a dehumidifier inside your house to keep moisture levels down. Next, eliminate points of entry. Do this by sealing gaps and cracks in your home's exterior, repairing torn screens, and making sure your weatherstripping is in good repair and installed properly. Finally, and most importantly, clean your home. Wash beneath large appliances, sweep or vacuum under furniture, clean hard to reach areas you wouldn't usually clean.

A Better Answer To Cockroach Problems

Once cockroaches invade a home, it isn't easy to get them out. If roaches have turned your house into their personal playground, do not wait to get a professional involved. At Beeline Pest Control, we offer comprehensive services for both preventing and eliminating cockroaches. The last thing we want is for one of you or your family members to get sick, and we only use smart and reliable pest control methods and products to ensure whatever pest problems you are up against; they will be gone fast.

Call us a call today or message us through our website to discuss your service options or to schedule an inspection for your Denver property. Let us show you why Beeline is your #1 choice for quality. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services.

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