Three No-Sweat Mosquito Prevention Tips For Omaha Properties

mosquito on an arm

Mosquito bites are awful and extremely dangerous. They itch relentlessly causing people to scratch the welts into open wounds.  This scratching can lead to secondary skin infections. Mosquitoes also carry and transmit several viruses and diseases including malaria, West Nile virus, and several encephalitis diseases. It is critical to do as much as you can to keep mosquitoes at bay to protect yourself and your property from the dangers they present.

Mosquito Hot Spots

Anybody that has set foot outside during the warmer months knows exactly what a mosquito is. They are tiny flying insects with a long proboscis. Female mosquitoes use their proboscis to feed off of human and animal blood to produce eggs. Males use theirs strictly for drinking plant nectar.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing bodies of water so they are most often seen near lakes, ponds, and marshes. They are drawn to body heat and carbon dioxide, making people prime targets for breakfast and dinner. You can make yourself even more enticing to these biting pests by wearing dark clothing, heavy perfume or cologne, and drinking alcohol. Mosquitoes avoid daylight because sun exposure can easily make them dehydrated and kill them. This is why they are most active at dawn and dusk and found most often in damp shaded areas during the day.

Three Tips To Make Mosquitoes Bug-Off

It is necessary to protect yourself, your family, and your property from these biting pests so that you can enjoy time outside safely. There are simple steps you can follow to make that possible.

  • Staying inside during the active dawn/dusk hours is the best way to prevent getting bitten by mosquitoes. If you do choose to go out during prime mosquito time, you can protect yourself by wearing long sleeves and pants, as well as using a quality insect repellent.

  • Mosquitoes are weak fliers so running small fans at outdoor gatherings will help to blow them away.

  • Eliminating any sources of standing water from your property will aid in preventing mosquitoes from swarming your property. Typical areas of standing water include buckets, kiddie pools, tires, and poor drainage. It is a good idea to do a quick sweep around your property after rain to check for standing water and dumping it.

Following these three easy tips to make your home and yourself less alluring is no sweat. These will assist you in keeping the mosquitoes at bay and your property safe.

How To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes For Good

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