The Different Types Of Spiders In Denver And What To Do About Them

Daddy Long Legs Spider in its web.

When it comes to spiders, one of the only places in the world you won’t find them would be Antarctica. While Denver can get downright chilly, spiders are still unavoidable here. Nearly all spiders that you come across in your life will be in your home. This is inevitable as a Denver homeowner, given just how many different house spiders there are.

No one wants to come across these long-legged bugs in the dead of night or during the day, for that matter. Spiders in your house shouldn’t ruin your good mood, so don’t let them. Having a fear of spiders is very common, but that shouldn’t mean you have to flee your Denver home upon finding one in the kitchen. 

Types Of Spiders You May Find In Your Denver Home

Here is a list of the different house spiders you might come across in your home. Please note how many types of brown spiders there are, as they are among the most common:

  • Wolf Spider: Likes the outdoors, quick, large, not afraid to come inside
  • Jumping Spider: Mostly indoors, not very aggressive, bite can cause an allergic reaction
  • Grass Spider: Mostly outside, will take shelter inside when it’s cold
  • Common House Spider: Enjoys indoors, dark locations, not aggressive
  • Daddy Longlegs: Mostly outside, not aggressive, can be found under decks
  • Woodlouse Hunter: Loves being inside, ground hunter, massive fangs, doesn’t build a web
  • Brown Widows: Mostly indoors, in dark locations, more toxic than its cousin the Black Widow

The first step you can take in any war on pests and bugs is knowing what to look for and where to look at. Many of these spiders take shelter in the warmth of your home, but you don’t have to stand for it. If they are not paying rent, then kick them out with the tips to follow.

What Attracts Spiders To Your Denver Home

Most spiders go about their lives in survival mode. They don’t typically have any particular reasons as to why they enter your home. If you find spiders in your house, it will most likely be because they want shelter. Some spiders will seek out food in your home via other bugs that have infiltrated, but most will be escaping the elements.

Spiders are not social creatures by nature, so they prefer finding dark secluded areas to live in. They can gain entry from the smallest of holes. And there are many types of brown spiders that would gladly set up shop in your garage. 

Effective Spider Prevention Tips For Denver Homes

Keep spiders away from your home with these prevention tips:

  • Keep your grass cut (Spiders love untamed yards)
  • Install screens if you intend to keep the door open (The same goes for windows and vents)
  • Sweep around the entry points of your home (all windows, doors, patios, etc.)
  • Keep your space clean and tidy (Clear boxes, stacks, baskets, drawers, closest)

By keeping a well-worked and neat space, you can stay vigilant against spiders. However, if any do show back up don’t let your fear of spiders take over. Don’t run off and move into a friend’s house! There is one sure-fire way to keep spiders out of your space. Also, your friend most likely has spiders running around too.

The Best Way To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Denver Home

Spiders won’t know what hit them when you call in the big guns at Beeline Pest Control. Our team at Beeline Pest Control will put an end to your fears and take your home back. You can count on us to provide you with a pest-free guarantee. 

No matter what the pest, you’ll find that Beeline is the best. Our team has been servicing our community for over ten years. Put your trust in us to deliver you peace of mind while in your home. Give us a call at Beeline Pest Control today for a free estimate on your pest problem!

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