Assessing The Behavior Of The Flies In Denver

Fly tasting fruit.

In an ironic twist, one of the least harmful pests to humans happens to be one of the most annoying – flies. Their maneuverability allows them to fearlessly buzz around your head and ears while avoiding sudden death by swatting. Good thing Beeline Pest Control understands your frustration with flies. We offer high-quality pest control in Denver to get these insects out of your home so you can enjoy your living space in peace.

Do Flies Travel Around In Groups?

Many fly species cluster together in groups as a mechanism for mating and migration. Depending on the species, some flies form dense swarms that maintain a stationary position regarding landmarks, while others keep airspace. Most flies live and fly near the ground. Only a few species will fly at heights above 2,000 feet.

Are There Types Of Flies That Will Bite Me?

Although most fly species in the United States are harmless and are rarely responsible for spreading diseases, some of them do bite humans. Check out the list below of five types of flies that bite:

  1. Deer Flies
  2. Black Flies
  3. Sand Flies
  4. Horse Flies
  5. Snipe Flies

Flies that bite typically attack humans and animals to feed on their blood as a food source. If you have experienced fly bites around your home, contact your local pest control as they have the best resources and tools to get rid of flies.

Gross! What's Causing Tons Of Flies To Terrorize In My Home?

Different flies are attracted to various substances. For example, common house flies go to decaying rubbish, such as fecal matter and rotting meat. In contrast, sugary substances attract fruit flies and spilled soda, overripe fruit, and alcohol. Therefore, if you haven't picked up your pet waste outside or your outdoor trash bins are not secured, your property will become a prime target for flies. Take a look at the list below of some common conditions that attract flies in and around your property:

  • Animal Carcasses
  • Pet Feces Or Manure
  • Rotting Fruit
  • Drain Scum
  • Uncovered Trash
  • Dirty Dishes

Once you make the necessary modifications to prevent flies in your home, you will see a significant reduction in their occurrence. Also, seal your house vents, doors, windows, and screens and ensure they are free from holes, rips, tears, or other damage.

Please Help! What Can I Do To Get All These Flies Out Of My Home!

One of the most frustrating experiences is enduring a house full of flies buzzing around that you can’t get rid of, no matter how frantically you swat them away. If your arm is getting fatigued using the fly swatter, there are a few home remedies you can try to catch more of them at once, which include the following:

  • Use flypaper, a strip of sticky paper that you hang from the ceiling, or other areas that flies stick to once they contact it.
  • Make a mixture of dish soap and apple cider vinegar in a small bowl, attracting and then killing the flies.
  • Create a trap using a plastic bottle with sugar water at the bottom to attract the flies into it.

If you are still struggling with getting rid of house flies in and around your home, it’s crucial to get a reputable exterminating company involved, like Beeline Pest Control. We provide reliable and effective control for all types of flies. We’ve been servicing our residents in the mile-high city and surrounding areas since 2009 and offer a pest-free guarantee. Reach out to us today for your free estimate.

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