Paper Wasps In Omaha: How To Keep Them Away From Your Home

Paper Wasp crawling on a wall outdoors.

Summer is here, and all types of wasps are hatching in Omaha. One common type of wasp is the paper wasp. After spending the winter months hidden away, the queen wasps are reemerging and laying eggs. Now is the time to secure the experts at Beeline Pest Control for pest control in Omaha. Our team of dedicated experts will keep paper wasps and the dangers they bring far from your home.

What Paper Wasps Look Like

Several features make paper wasps identifiable from other types of wasps.

These features include:

  • Kidney-shaped eyes
  • Pointed body and waist
  • Reddish-brown or black body with yellow bands on the abdomen
  • Six legs hang down when they fly
  • Up to 3/4 inch in length

Another important factor in wasp identification is their nests. Although other stinging insects have nests, the nest of a paper wasp is open-faced. In other words, the cells are exposed and somewhat resemble an umbrella. Due to the shape of their nests, paper wasps are also called umbrella wasps.

Where do paper wasps get the paper to build their nests? They manufacture the "paper" by mixing saliva with wood and plant materials while they chew it. The result is a paper-like substance they use to make the combs of the nest. 

Why Paper Wasps Are Attracted To Your Home

During the winter, fertilized queens shield themselves from the cooler weather in cracks or under tree bark. As the temperature started to rise in the Spring, the queen searched for a place to build her nest.

Favorable nest places around your home are branches, eves, and porch ceilings. Once she found a location, the fertilized queen birthed her first set of workers. Upon maturity, the worker wasps began growing the nest. Wasp identification of paper wasps is easy. If an open-faced nest with reddish-brown, yellow-banded wasps is hanging from your porch ceiling, you have paper wasps.

Why Are Paper Wasps Aggressive?

Like all types of wasps in Omaha, the paper wasps on your porch are likely to become more aggressive if they feel threatened. Since paper wasps are under eaves and porch ceilings, they may feel threatened by the actions of your porch door opening and closing underneath them. Aggressive behavior by paper wasps in tree branches may occur when you walk under their nests while mowing the lawn.

The most painful result of their aggression is being stung. Unlike some stinging insects, the stinger of paper wasps is smooth; it may sting you more than once. Due to the venom in the stinger, you will experience a burning sensation and a welt at the stinger site. However, some people have severe allergic reactions to venom. For the protection and safety of friends and family, you need to eliminate the wasps in your home and yard.

How To Properly Deal With Paper Wasps

Use the following tips to avoid getting stung by a paper wasp:

  • Check shrubs, hedges, or trees before trimming.
  • Seal cracks with a silicone-based caulk.
  • Fix tears in window screens.
  • Keep porch doors closed.
  • Cover any food when eating outdoors.
  • Avoid wearing strong fragrances.
  • Wear shoes and protective clothing.

The best way to avoid injury due to paper wasps is by contacting the best company to get rid of wasps in Omaha. Because we are local, the highly trained professionals at Beeline Pest Control are experts in wasp control in Omaha.

It is not wise to attempt to destroy a wasp nest without the services of the best company to get rid of wasps in Omaha. The last thing you want is to injure yourself while trying to destroy a paper wasp nest. Contact the team at Beeline Pest Control and let us eliminate paper wasps and all types of wasps around your home.

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