Keep Fruit Flies From Living In Your Colorado Springs Home

Fruit Fly on an orange.

Are Fruit flies everywhere in your house? Do you think these tiny flies are annoying? Just wait until baby fruit flies appear! Call Beeline Pest Control to eliminate fruit flies in your Colorado Springs home.

There’s no need to put up with these nuisance pests anymore! Get rid of fruit flies for good with the help of our experienced technicians. These black fruit flies don’t stand a chance when we arrive on the scene.

How To Tell If It’s Fruit Flies In Your Colorado Springs Home

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish a fruit fly from other tiny flies or fungus gnats. Fruit flies are small, roughly an eighth of an inch in size. Their eyes are typically red or dark, and their abdomens exhibit stripes. These pests have six legs, two wings, and a pair of antennae. Similar-looking flies may be found near drains and around plants, but fruit flies are drawn to produce and rotting food. 

Is It Safe To Eat Something A Fruit Fly Has Landed On?

Are you noticing fruit flies everywhere? These pests can seem to appear out of thin air. One day the home is free of fruit flies. The next day, groups of black fruit flies have invaded and don’t seem to be going away.

It’s understandable how seeing adult and baby fruit flies on food can be upsetting. First, fruit flies are near bananas, then they’re on oranges, and the next thing you know, there are swarms of them attacking all the produce in the home.

These insects can contaminate food. Adults can also lay eggs on and inside produce. If there are fruit flies in the home, be sure to wash any fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating to be on the safe side.

Fruit Fly Prevention Tips For Colorado Springs Home

Keep these nasty pests from bothering household members with a few helpful hints:

  • Avoid Sponges: While these cleaning aids can help scrub, they lure fruit flies. Bits of food get stuck in sponges, so these items act as fruit fly magnets. Bleach, dry, and store sponges until fruit flies are gone.
  • Clean Cutting Boards: Fruit flies use cutting boards as safe harbors to lay their eggs. Ewww! Be sure to wash these boards with soap and hot water right after use. Let them air dry.
  • Refrigerate Fresh Food: Opt for the fridge instead of keeping fresh fruits and veggies stored in bins, the pantry, or out in the open. This action blocks fruit flies from accessing food.
  • Stay On Top Of Trash: What we think of as garbage can be considered tasty treats to fruit flies. Items like banana peels and potato skins need to be secured. Make sure trash cans have tight-fitting lids. Empty trash into outside receptacles every day.
  • Wash Produce: When bringing in fresh fruits and vegetables from the grocery store, be sure to wash them before putting them away in the fridge.
  • Wipe, Wipe, Wipe: Use an antibacterial spray and wipe counters down constantly. Do the same with the sink and appliance surfaces. 

The Best Fly Control For Your Colorado Springs Home

Tired of seeing fruit flies buzzing around the kitchen? Are you ready to get rid of fruit flies for good? Beeline Pest Control can be the answer to Colorado Springs homeowners’ fruit fly problems.

We understand that these pests can be aggravating. We have the knowledge and resources to eliminate fruit flies quickly. We can offer a free estimate of the services you need. Then our skilled technicians apply treatment throughout your property. We’ll then continue to follow up with quarterly visits to ensure your home stays pest-free.

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