Are The Spiders In Omaha Dangerous?

Brown Recluse Spider crawling in a home.

Several species of spiders are common household pests in Omaha, and some of them are more dangerous than others. All spiders carry venom and are known to bite if threatened. Still, there are only two spiders in the Omaha Metro that are considered medically dangerous to humans - and luckily, the brown recluse and hobo spider are also relatively rare to come across in homes.

Even though spiders may have a reputation for being threatening - and up close, many of them look the part, too - most are quite the opposite. Spiders prefer to live relatively independent lives, with most spinning webs at night and retreating to cool, dark, and undisturbed areas during the day. Outdoors, and spiders tend to hide underneath rocks or leaves, and indoors, they may be found underneath furniture or in boxes. They’ll hang out there for a while, too, with most common house spiders spending the duration of their lives indoors, so long as they have access to food and water.

Common Spiders In The Omaha Area & Associated Risks

There are seven species of spiders that are common in Omaha, and include the following:

  • Brown recluse spider
  • Hobo spider
  • Wolf spider
  • Cellar spider
  • Yellow sack spider
  • Jumping spider
  • Daddy long legs

All of these species, except for the brown recluse and hobo spiders, are non-aggressive and, if they do bite as a result of being provoked, they typically cause only mild reactions, if any, in humans. Brown recluse and hobo spiders, however, carry venom that’s more powerful than the others.

Bites from these spiders require medical attention, as reactions can vary from mild to severe depending on the person. Fortunately, it is rare for either of these species to be found indoors in the Omaha area, and if they do, it’s likely the result of them hitching a ride on items brought into the home, like furniture, and inside cardboard boxes.

Although brown recluse spiders are known for keeping to themselves and biting only when provoked, hobo spiders will bite at the slightest aggravation. Because these spiders are often mistaken for one another, it’s not always clear which one you’re encountering. If you suspect you may have brown recluse or hobo spiders in your home or on your property, it’s best to protect yourself by contacting pest control.

Spider Prevention Tips

Spiders mostly mind their own business, but that’s not necessarily a good thing for homeowners, who may easily overlook their presence indoors. Consider the following tips for preventing spiders from being attracted to your home:

  • Remove Clutter: Spiders don’t like to be the center of attention. Instead, they prefer places where they have many options in terms of unbothered, isolated, and dark hiding places, so it goes as no surprise that clutter attracts spiders. The more clutter there is, the more difficult it is to detect them, so getting rid of excess items or mess naturally helps to deter them.
  • Address Current Pest Problems: Spiders feed on other common household pests, such as moths, flies, ants, mosquitoes, beetles, and silverfish. Though in this way, spiders may be helping you manage the other pests, it’s not helping to eradicate the spiders themselves, who have an ongoing food source and thus no reason to leave.

For advice or assistance on spiders or other pests, call the spider control professionals at Beeline Pest Control. We’ll come to your home prepared to tackle the problem, with an initial treatment that identifies and treats indoor and outdoor pests, along with follow-up visits to keep pests out for good. Contact us to get started with pest control in Omaha.

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