How To Keep House Flies Out Of Your Omaha, NE Home

House fly infestation on a window screen.

It matters not if you live in the desert, the jungle, or a thriving metropolitan city - you will have flies. They are a part of our lives and everyday existence. This makes them the number one nuisance pest worldwide. Most people accept their existence and don’t give them a second thought.

There are 120,000 different types of flies worldwide, and many of them bite! Ouch! Here in Nebraska, we have more than our fair share of types of flies, including the biting kind. There is one type. However, that is the most common. The common housefly has no boundaries; it will go everywhere and anywhere. That is why Beeline Pest Control has committed to making Omaha a ‘No Fly Zone.’

Common House Flies

The average man, woman, and child can identify the common house fly because we encounter them daily, some more than others. The basic identifiers are:

  • They have small oval-shaped bodies
  • Two wings
  • Six legs
  • Antennae
  • Dark gray
  • Between ⅛-¼ inches long

You will usually hear them before you see them. They are persistent, annoying little creatures that make you grateful for spiders… well, almost.

A Fly's Favorite Hangout

Do you know that pile of dog poo in the backyard? That is a favorite place for flies to hang out. They love nasty, stinky, germ-filled places—basically, any place you never want to be. Inside dumpsters, around rotting animal corpses, crawling inside soiled discarded baby diapers, garbage trucks, and hospital waste.

As they make their way from one disgusting destination to the next, they pick up pathogens and bacteria. Then they fly into your home and land on your kitchen counter, a plate of food, or clean dishes. While they are flying from dish to dish, they share the pathogens they have picked up along the way. Flies are known to carry over 100 different types of pathogens. Some of the most recognizable are salmonella, malaria, and tuberculosis.

Wherever they go, flies have but two objectives. Eat and breed. Adult house flies live between 15-25 days, so they need to make as many babies as possible while they are alive. The female fly can produce between 350-900 eggs in her lifetime. Female lies are ready to lay eggs at three days old. This leads to a lot of flies spreading a lot of diseases.

Fly Prevention Tips

Basic housekeeping measures are beneficial when waging war against the housefly. If they do not have a reason to stay, they won’t. Often you will see flies at your windows trying to find a way out; this is a good sign. To encourage flies to move out of your home, try the following steps:

  • Keep kitchen trash covered/take out trash often.
  • Don’t leave food lying around/cover food and drinks
  • Regularly pick up pet waste
  • Repair screens and broken seals
  • Wipe up spills and crumbs
  • Clean BBQ grill after use
  • Rinse bottles before putting them into recycling bins
  • Make these tips part of your routine; not only will it help with house flies, but other pests as well.

Professional House Fly Control

You can try glue traps, water traps, and every other type of trap, but they are all temporary. The flies will return, and so will your frustration. Beeline Pest Control has a proven track record that is backed by our pest-free guarantee. We can eliminate the flies in your Omaha home and keep them from coming back. Check out our reviews and let our reputation speak for itself. Call today to find out more about our fly control options.

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