Why You Shouldn't Let Roach Infestations Go Untreated In Denver

Cockroach in a white coffee mug.

You can find evidence of the presence of cockroaches throughout most of recorded history, and these problematic scavengers remain as disease-carrying invaders today. As highly resilient and adaptable intruders, insecticides alone are often insufficient for treating hefty cockroach infestations.

They are well-fortified pests that will retreat to hard-to-reach areas inside walls, below floors, or in small crevices. Pest control experts commonly use a multi-faceted approach for ousting infestations, and a variety of innovative solutions continue emerging, such as methods of monitoring cockroach activity and biological control strategies.

Cockroaches are common insects that invade homes or businesses searching for food. Depending on the species, cockroaches might appear in various colors and have a body length ranging from roughly ½ of an inch up to nearly 2 inches. Cockroaches have six spiny legs, a flat body style, and long antennae they use for sensory and navigational purposes.

What do cockroaches do for the environment that is considered beneficial? In nature, cockroaches have some limited useful roles, such as acting as recyclers that accelerate the process of decomposition of dead creatures or plants. As omnivorous creatures with a potentially limitless diet, cockroaches use the powerful bacteria and microorganisms within their hearty digestive system for processing. In many outdoor environments, cockroaches also represent a vital food source for some types of birds and smaller mammals.

Are you struggling with how to prevent cockroaches from entering your home? Taking proactive measures to prevent cockroaches is critical, as somewhat minor intrusions involving a couple of these pests may quickly develop into an unmanageable infestation. This is largely the result of their strong breeding capabilities.

Female cockroaches create pouches or cases called ootheca that usually contain more than a dozen eggs. After the eggs hatch, young wingless cockroaches known as nymphs emerge, looking like miniature adults. Once cockroaches enter a home and begin reproducing, treatment from a professional pest exterminator is often necessary for completely eradicating adult cockroaches and those in earlier stages of development.

After contacting a seasoned Denver pest control professional, a technician will visit the property for a detailed, onsite inspection. Trained professionals receive initial and ongoing training regarding how these pests behave indoors, how to get rid of cockroaches in your house safely, and the best practices for minimizing the likelihood of enduring future invasions.

Common Types Of Home-Invading Cockroaches In Denver

Across the U.S., roughly 50 cockroach species exist; however, the majority of those seen inside homes are among a few species. What are some of the cockroach species in Denver that homeowners most often encounter? According to the Colorado State University Extension, you will likely find only five primary cockroach species in the state, including:  

  • German cockroaches: As a small species that only measures approximately ½ of an inch long, German cockroaches appear tan or light brown with two dark parallel bands. 
  • American cockroaches: Commonly reaching lengths of up to two inches, the American cockroach is among the largest species and has a mahogany appearance with yellowish markings. 
  • Brown-banded cockroaches: Aptly named for their appearance, the brown-banded cockroach is often misidentified as the German cockroach but has light bands across its wings. 
  • Oriental cockroaches: Known for having a dark, shiny appearance and generating a very unappealing odor, the Oriental cockroach seeks cool, damp areas such as around drains or in crawlspaces. 
  • Wood cockroaches: As primarily an outdoor species, you might encounter a wood cockroach in yard areas within firewood or dead trees. Wood cockroaches are a winged species that commonly fly toward bright outdoor lighting areas.

Regardless of the species, cockroaches pose some challenges. As primarily nocturnal creatures, cockroaches usually remain hidden during the day, which might allow a group of invading pests ample time to proliferate. Although many species have wings, most have difficulty flying anything beyond very short distances; however, homeowners often notice that these pests move very quickly on their feet when eluding humans.

Why Cockroach Infestations Are A Major Health Risk

What diseases do cockroaches carry? Cockroaches are seen as a public health concern. They are known carriers of salmonellosis, cholera, E. coli infection, and several other problematic health risks.

How Cockroaches Find Their Way Into Our Homes

Cockroaches will fit through tight spaces when entering homes using their flat body and durable exteriors. Points of entry might include openings around doors or windows, cracks or other voids that develop near the foundation of a structure, or gaps around exterior passages that accommodate utility lines or conduits. Pest control for roaches is your best bet if these insects have found their way inside.

Benefits Of Professional Cockroach Control

Are you seeking an experienced cockroach exterminator in Denver? Look no further than the local specialists with Beeline Pest Control. Our technicians maintain the knowledge and tools needed for totally expelling cockroach infestations. Contact us today for a friendly consultation.

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