Cockroaches In Denver: How To Keep Them Out

American Cockroach crawling on a kitchen counter.

Pest control in Denver can feel like a mountainous task, with cockroach control sitting at the summit. Cockroaches are resilient and stubborn pests. These critters are motivated to get into your home and consume all the food and moisture your property offers. Their durable nature makes a roach infestation capable of easily spiraling out of control. The good news is that with a few simple lifestyle changes, you can reduce roach attractants in your home and keep cockroaches away from your Denver property. 

Continue reading to learn the steps you can take to protect your property from roaches and how Beeline Pest Control can help you fight off an active infestation.

What Do Cockroaches In Denver Look Like?

Denver is host to several species of roaches that can cause homeowners grief. Cockroach identification isn’t straightforward and distinguishing species can be difficult; however, each roach species has a unique feature that sets it apart from the others. For instance, German cockroaches have a light brown or tan color and two horizontal dark stripes located just behind their heads. Oriental cockroaches, on the other hand, have segmented bodies that are shiny black in color. Finally, American cockroaches are massive, growing up to two inches long. 

Why Are Cockroaches In Denver Dangerous?

The primary danger of a roach infestation is the spreading of disease. Roaches contaminate your home in every way imaginable:

  • They can leave their droppings in your food stores.
  • They leave eggs and exoskeletons in your general environment.
  • They crawl over surfaces with their filthy feet, dragging germs around your entire home.

Furthermore, roaches can transmit gastroenteritis, salmonellosis, listeriosis, and even the plague. Nobody wants to endure any of these diseases. It is vital to be vigilant for signs of cockroaches in your home, as these infections can be a significant threat to your health.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Roaches In Denver Homes?

Cockroach pest control in Denver is hard for homeowners to pull off on their own and harder still when facing an active roach infestation. Cockroach control products are often ineffective against the unwavering toughness of roaches. These pests are resistant to baits and traps. That means pesticides purchasable at stores are unlikely to do more than temporarily reduce your home’s roach load. Furthermore, many of these products are potent toxins that can pose more danger to people and pets than roaches. 

The Secret To Effective Cockroach Control In Denver

The good news is that cockroach identification isn’t necessary for cockroach prevention, nor the use of ineffective and potentially toxic cockroach control products. All you need to do is make your home less attractive to these opportunists. Here are simple measures you can take to make your home more hostile to all roach varieties:

  • Clean up after all meals and vacuum often to reduce crumbs.
  • Clear clutter to eliminate roach hiding spots.
  • Repair moisture problems like leaky pipes or clogged drainage.
  • Keep all indoor and outdoor trash cans covered at all times.
  • Store all foods either in the fridge or in airtight containers.

While these measures work great to keep cockroaches off your property, they cannot make a considerable dent against an active infestation. If your cockroach control measures fail, don't hesitate to contact us here at Beeline Pest Control! Finding signs of cockroaches in your home is a big deal that requires professional help. Our experts have the tools and training necessary to remedy your roach problem for good. Contact Beeline Pest Control immediately, and we’ll make a beeline for your home in no time.

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